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Monday, February 28, 2011

CENTURION: Drawing close

So I arrived home Friday, and there was a ticket saying I had a package to collect at the post office, collect by 5pm. I get the ticket at 5.10pm. Bugger. As this week is holidays for Centurion prep (and family time) I run down to the post Office and grab the prizes from Alpha Hobbies.
Now, to put in the big box with the other prizes...
Crap, they don't fit!
The box above is the prize pool in all its overflowing glory. (The rulebook is for scale, I'm not giving that away!) I hope to lay it all out either this week or at Cent to show off :) There is sooo much stuff. More door prizes than players at the moment!

Prizes have come from :
Forgeworld (major and door prizes)
Alpha Hobbies (major prizes and discount cards inc donated major prize)
A Gentleman's Ones (thanks b. He donated 5 door prizes from what I got from his banner comp)
My personal collection of stuff (about 10 door prizes, mainly resin bases etc)
Lurking Horror (local gamer who donated 4 2nd ed blisters)
The Capricorn Model House (hobby door prizes & airbrush)
Millennium Comics (standard dice)

Some more pics for the pinkies!

All prizes laid out

Major Prizes

Archnomad's army WIP (aka my Orks).
For consideration: there are no infantry in this picture. This is a 1 foot x 2 foot board, and it will be Tetris to get the vehicles to fit. Long term, I am thinking I need to hire somebody to help me move this army...

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