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Friday, February 25, 2011

Email in: Blood Rodeo Variation

"Hello again, Pink One!

Last time you heard from me, I was tunning a Eldar "S6 Spam list" I'm sold to the Blood Rodeo.

Please don't be worried with dates, this will be a long term project...(maybe for a tournament in December!)

Not exactly "your" Rodeo, but a similar list with the same thematic/tactics (BA Jumpers and Bikers)...and some personal preference.

So...why not replace the Terminator TH/SS with Furioso Dread? Probably not as effective as TH/SS, but wayyyy cooler! Something like this:

The concept sounds fun but it will be the execution. You're going to need at least three Pods so you can drop the Dreads in on T1 to try and get some saturation and if you're dropping Dreads in you'd want them to be Libby Dreads so they are that much more potent. You then get the whole issue of dropping a ~200 pt unit into range of point blank meltaguns. You might survive but what happens when you don't? Lot of points down the drain. Anyway let's take a look.

Librariam, Bike, Lance, Sword
2xSanguinary Priest, JP
Furioso, Blood Talons, HF, Drop Pod
Furioso, Blood Talons, HF, Drod Pod
10xASM,PF, 2xMG, Hand Flamer
10xASM,PF, 2xMG, Hand Flamer
10xASM,PF, 2xMG, Hand Flamer
8xBike, 2xMG, PF, Att Bike c/ MM, Combi-flamer
8xBike, 2xMG, PF, Att Bike c/ MM, Combi flamer

Total: 2000pts

This has all the probelms covered above really. The Dreads do pack a punch and if not dropped can be quite scary but...they are huge targets. You've only got one coming in on T1 and then 4+ for T2. Pretty easy to deal with even with Bikes zooming in your face. If you were looking for something outside of TH/SS why not SG (Bling Rodeo!). I love SG so that might be personal preference on the cool factor but I just cannot see Dreads fitting into this list reliably. Maybe Libby Dreads with wings? But what happens when the Wings get blocked, etc.?

More flamers, Jumper and Furiosos!

2 vehicles in "all infantry" list and the Drop Pod Assault rule could be a problem...and Blood Talons are awesome. True Story.

Quick Questions:

1. Why Libs on Bikes over Jump Packs?;
2. And why PF on Biker Sarge...bikes are really bad on assault.


Blood Talons are awesome, until one gets blown off.

1) they can move at Bike speed which gives the Bikes more combat potential and you're in a better position to use blood lance in later turns.
2) Combat potential. They are bad but you don't have combat tactics so they aren't running away. They are there to pin the enemy in place so the ASM can save them and when you've got 5 PFists + specials throughout your list, well you have quite a lot of combat punch.

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