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Friday, February 25, 2011

Email in: Fun DE list need advises

"Hey, I discovered your blog just few days ago and I couldn't stop myself of reading your blog for hours. I'm back in the game after few years because the new DE figs are really impressive. I really like the looks of the Hellions so I'm thinking of making a list around those guys. It would be like a "Flying Threat" list. So it's more a theme list than really a tournament list, but I still want to make it at least a little bit effective. Here the following list :

Hours? Really? Nice =D. The new DE are pretty cool (I must say I am partial to the Khymeras if not their price). Hopefully everything else will be released soon! Hellions; well I just reviewed them and here is an 1850 army which I've done before. I certainly think they are a viable army but obviously have to be built around since they cannot use transports and have a very niche role. Let's check out your list.

Baron sathonyx 105 pts (really cheap for his use)

9 wyches w/ 1 shardnet and 1 razorflails and Hekatrix w/ agonizer in a raider with FF, shockprow and aethersails 230 pts
9 wyches w/ 1 shardnet and 1 razorflails and Hekatrix w/ agonizer in a raider with FF, shockprow and aethersails 230 pts (those guys would be here to add more targets and can kick some cheap asses)

15 hellions and helliarch w/ agonizer 265 pts (here the unit for the baron, I think of this unit like a jumping threat from cover to cover that can hit where it would be useful)
6 hellions and helliarch w/ agonizer 137 pts
6 hellions and helliarch w/ agonizer 137 pts
6 hellions and helliarch w/ agonizer 137 pts (here these two units would be a backup for the baron squad and it's add targets and scoring units)

5 scourges w/ heat lance 134 pts
5 scourges w/ heat lance 134 pts (I really like this unit because it could be a anti-mech and anti-troop threat coming from the sky)

Ravageur w/ FF 115 pts
Ravageur w/ FF 115 pts

Total : 1739 pts, 11 pts left

I'm happy with your Troops. I'd lean away from Helliarchs in all squads personally (particularly with Agonsiers as it makes them very expensive and you want to throw them in combat when it's not always needed) but they still work well. Ravagers are also a good choice as it brings in anti-tank/suppression on a good mobile platform. The rest of the list though...hmmm. Scourges and Reavers are pretty similar but are just that little bit different. In an army based around Hellions who are quite aggressive, Reavers are the better fit. More expensive but their style of play fits better with the list and can help out in combat in a pinch. The Wyches don't really add anything though. Hellion lists really need as much anti-tank as possible outside of Troops and whilst Raiders obviously provide that, Wyches don't. Between the Wyches and Hellions you don't really have a true heavy hitting assault unit either. I'd look to change these into Warriors with anti-tank weapons + Raider and use any spare points in Elites. The best route would really be Trueborn with Blasters + Raider but that would look very similar to the linked list. You could do Incubi in Raiders for a real combat punch but I'd be inclined to not take Agoniser Helliarchs on the small Hellion squads then.

I think this army could be fun to play with a lot of different targets and scoring units and like every DE army really fast and offensive.
So now your turn, what could be done?
(excuse my poor english, french guys are not the best suited for that)."

My French is not suited for anything... Anyway, I agree with the fast and aggressive nature which is why I think Reavers over Scourges. Otherwise I think the Wyches need to be replaced with something and that something needs to include some more anti-tank. There are a lot of points there so you could potentially get an Incubi squad and Trueborn or Incubi + Warriors, another Ravager, etc.

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