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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Email In - Doublewing 2000pts

Going to follow Kirby's trend of responses in italics purple, as it seems to be popular

Hi SneakyDan, it appears that you are running the Dark Angels conversation on 3++ so I'm sending you a Doublewing list idea.  It seems to me that Deathwing and Ravenwing were so obviously meant to be combined that it's silly not to.  I mean, one teleports, the other comes with Scouts and teleport homers.  Duh.  The only reason Doublewing wasn't that good till now was the nerfiness of the DWT stormshield and the Cyclone/Typhoon missile launchers in the DA codex.  I'm still not sure that it's the perfect list, but it's much better than it was, and I'm pretty confident that it would work better than pure Deathwing.

It still isn't -that- good, its just not super horribad anymore. Its playable, but nowhere near on par with something like IG or C:Marines. Also, afaik, DA bikers can only scout move, not scout turbo boost, as that didnt get FAQ'd.

So here's the list I've drawn up:

Sammael (on bike or speeder, I'm not sure)

3x5 Deathwing Terminators, 5 SS/TH, 1 CML

1x Sammael's Ravenwing Squad, 6 Bikers w/2 melta, 1 apothecary, Sergeant w/power fist

2x Ravenwing Squad, 6 Bikers w/2 melta, 1 Attack bike w/multi-melta

3x1 Landspeeder w/Typhoon, multi-melta

Points: 2000

It would be nice to fit Belial in there, his upgraded squad is much better than Sammael's, but we definitely want our 75 point typhoon speeders, and we want our Ravenwing for increased mobility and anti-tank, and Sammael is the only way to have both.

This is an army that's capable of hitting hard and fast, but it has options.  The whole thing can outflank or deepstrike, so in some instances you'll deploy completely off the board.  Most of the time I'd anticipate scouting the bikes forward for the 3+ cover though, and then porting in 2 of the termy squads on turn 1 in a favorable location.  It has fairly intimidating anti-tank with 12 missile shots per turn, as well as 5 multi-meltas and 6 regular meltas if they're needed (which they will be if you have to fight a landy spam, for instance).  I think the Deathwing lists so far have flexibility because they don't have any speed or any melta, and while they can deep strike they don't have any teleport homers to make sure they show up where you want.  Hopefully this list will provide more food for thought regarding the DA updates.

Solid list, nothing here I'd really change, except for dropping the MM's on the Typhoon speeders. They give you the option to close with your speeders, which you never really want to do, you should preferably stay at max range and pepper your opponent with missiles. Also, H-Bolter/Typhoon means you can move 12", and fire 2 x frag missiles (Str 4 is defensive) and the H-bolter, should you need to smash some infantry. I'm not really the DA authority, but those are probably the only points I would shave, allowing for some power weapons on the other Ravenwing sergeants possibly? Throwing this one to the wolves.

Thanks, SneakyDan 

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