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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Email in: 1500 points Doublewing

"Hi Kirby,

Greetings from Perth

I like your Blog

Have you got any ideas for 1500 points of Doublewing?

I’m thinking of

Belial (with Thunder Hammer)
3 Deathwing Squads (Assault Cannon, 2 Chainfists, 3 Thunderhammers)

Ravenwing squad
2 Meltaguns
Power weapon (my sergeants don’t have power fists)
Attack bike with Multi-melta

Ravenwing squad
2 Meltaguns
Power weapon
Attack bike with Multi-melta

Speeder with Multi-melta
Speeder Typhoon with multi-melta

p.s. Deathwing have been my favourite for ages (and now with the new FAQ…)

Clive Jackson "

I'd make ever Deathwing squad have a CML rather than an Assault Cannon and remove the power weapons from the Ravenwing squads and drop the Typhoon. The CML has range, strength and reliability for the Deathwing list to actually pop tanks over the assault cannon and is actually cheaper thanks to DA points. Your Ravenwing squads are essentially sacrificial melta and are there to kill things so the Terminator squads can crunch whatever is inside so they don't need anything other than melta. The Typhoon is really point efficient but only a single vehicle (and AV10 at that) isn't too flash. I'd rather see this turn into another Ravenwing squad or if we can't hammer out the points for another Deathwing squad.

Adding what we've got and we get 1245 points so enough for another Deathwing squad (245) and takes us to 1490 points. You've then got 6 meltaguns on 4 units and 21 Terminators with 8 missiles. Pretty hard army to shift at 1500 points and has decent firepower. You could also roll a 3rd Ravenwing squad instead of the 4th Deathwing squad but 15 Terminators isn't as scary as the 20.

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