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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Email in: Tau Buildings, DIY buildings

An email in from a reader on Tau buildings, but first a very quick, but big shout out to an 'eFriend' of mine at the MiniatureWargameConversions blog. Every month he does a little raffle that's free to enter. All you need to do is 'follow' his blog to get auto-entered into a raffle with some great prizes - from figure cases to battleforce box sets and GW vouchers to BL books. Apparently there may be some even more 'unique' items up for grabs next month. So click the link and follow the blog. NOW!!!1!1!

On to the email...

Hello Brother Loring,

I had a Game Day Hobby Day question, sort of. A couple of buddies of mine and I are considering picking up either the Cities of Death or Planetstrike 40k expansions. I play Tau, and love them. However, I have not seen any GW products for Tau buildings. Either ruins or fortifications. Do you have any resources or guides for either? Thank you for your assistance, and your posts!


Well thank you Michael. Unfortunately emails were few and far between and since the creation of 3++ - the hobby side most readers piccies get displayed over yonder. MDHD is therefore dead, but I'm happy to resurrect it for special occasions such as these.

So Tau buildings...

Well I can't find anything on GW's site so... that's a shame, they usually have pretty decent hobby articles. Forgeworld do have some Tau Turrets that would look pretty nice in a Tau fortification. Not incredibly expensive, but not cheap cheap.

(Fusion blasters on a turret... really!)

For making your own, RelicWiki have some pictures from DoW to give you a few ideas on what some of the buildings may look like.

Otherwise, a quick searchy on the interwebz will present you with a few pics and tutorials. I'm not sure how adept you are with regards to woodwork, so here is a range of tutorials for you to browse and some more self-build examples.

This one first as it appears to have won some silver award, but unfortunately I don't speak French, so not really sure what for. Nice table guys, my jealousy is building.

A Dakka Dakka thread provides us with some helpful pics and links. Apparently a WD issue (when planetstrike was released) has a nice Tutorial on how to make some Tau buildings from plant pots. Back issues are not usually difficult to come by so that may be an idea. The board in question is from Warhammer World.

Here is the source of the post piccie, some more pics are there for your enjoyment.

This one by Wolf ShasO on Tau Online doesn't have a tutorial, but looks pretty self explanatory. There is also a very pretty picture a little lower down in that thread too.

Here on MiniWarGaming forum is a thread showing off some nice examples of some Tau buildings that would look absolutely superb on a CoD or a Planetstrike board. They seem to be made of of highdensity pink foam sheets and card. Shas Zam, the thread's author states that he will be doing a step-by-step, so it may be worth having a little search over there.

Here is another post on what appears to be Stephane's blog/website. There is a great Tau outpost on display but unfortunately it's Epic scale. Some of the websites linked in the 'how-to' segments do sell pieces in the 6mm, 12mm and 25mm ranges, so you should be able to scale them should you wish.

Finally, we have a really great tutorial thread for building some Kroot/Tau buildings. These are a little more professional looking, but the final products are great.

Hope that helps. Anybody that has any other examples, please let us know and give Michael a hand.

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