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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In from store...

I see no one posted today! How rude. Puppy just did. Just got in from store (well a couple hours ago now). Had a single game against Vince and I tabled him (alas). He used my Eldar. I'll put a battle report up tonight but it's nothing too flash. My dice were hot T1 and it made the game academically impossible for him to win when I followed it up with good subsequent turns.

Whilst at GW Vince and I were talking about the 3++ dice and when/how/if I should get them and price ranges, etc. and a few people cottoned on to me being...well me. That was quite cool and I noticed one of the guys there had a very familiar looking 1500 point BA Jumper list =D. Rockin'.

Anyway was another good day and another nice win for the Tyranids. Vince will hopefully have his Centurion army ready for next week to play against and for me to use other armies (I don't want to get Nid-burn out) and will also play against Taak's Wolves (which is one of the lists I need to practice against and feel my list will have the hardest time against; the others being 'gunline' IG and Tau).

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