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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Setting myself a little target...

Unfortunately, I have to say that I'm one of those guys that turns up to the FLGS week in, week out with a half painted army. Actually, I lie, I turn up far less frequently and my army is less than half painted :(. Yeah... I'm that guy.

With a busy work life and some mild OCD I just don't have the time to get my painting stuff out to work on some models all that often. When I do have some 'hobby' time I like to catch up on some recent activity on the blog world. Unfortunately this tends to make me want to go and buy more models - Purgatus... you're just not helping me here - which reduces my painted:non-painted ratio.

I've managed to resist buying new models for quite some time and now I have that under control (the urge to buy nids is burning inside me), I'm going to push on and complete my Black Templars. My Crusader squads are just fed up of rocking plain black boxes.

I have a whole day off tomorrow and the missus' is pretty busy for the rest of the week/weekend and a shoulder injury is keeping me away from the gym. Beside some sport on Friday, I've practically got 'hobby time' coming out of my ears. So... I'm setting myself a target. By Sunday evening, I want the two rhinos and 5 initiates painted and the 4 bikers, constructed and primed ready for my next paint outing. This may seem like weaksauce in comparison to the speed painting that we get from Rupert, but hey, I'm a slow painter.

I've done one thing for the community this week, now I ask you this... if you see me out and about on the blogosphere, bully me, call me names, whatever you like, just get me painting. Wish me luck...

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