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Friday, February 18, 2011

Space Marine Bikers & Terminators: 2500

I don't have a Fast'n'Slow Terminator based list on here as I usually reference Stelek's (...I reference?) at 2000 points. However, after the recent Vulkan Biker e-mail and a request for a 2500 list built around this concept for 'Ard Boyz, well it's time to make a post about them!

So to start with. Fast'N'Slow lists work around Bikes as the Fast aspect to dump models and meltaguns in your opponents face quickly. They have pretty good dakka with relentless twin-linked bolters as well. The main issue for Bikers is two-fold. They hate combat even with T(4)5/3+ and they are short-ranged. Most often you can only solve one of these issues. The 'standard' Fast'N'Slow list creates a Hybrid army of Bikes and ranged vehicle support such as Typhoons, Dreadnoughts and Predators. A normal Biker list has Command Squads which whilst very expensive do a very good job of beating things up in combat. What a Fast'N'Slow list with Termiantors does is aim to cover both of these weaknesses by taking Terminators as a combat unit to smash face and ranged dakka to support the Bikers. Let's begin.

We obviously need to start with a Biker captain. A bike, relic blade and storm shield gives us a decent combat character who can help a Bike squad out and unlocks Bikes as Troops. He's 165 points. We're also going to take a Libby for the moment. The libby provides psychic defeses and Null Zone which combines very well with the meltaguns and Terminators. We're going to put him with the Terminators so we won't bother with a Bike upgrade and make his second power Gate of Infinity for some flexibility in movement. 265 points gone.

Let's buy the Terminators then. We want two squads so we'll buy a full 10 man squad and then combat squad them. We are obviously looking for a rock here to smash things apart so we're taking full TH/SS compliments. LClaws are nice for getting in attacks early but without Furious Charge are so-so. The lack of a 3++ in the end hurts so we're sticking with all TH/SS. We then need two Land Raiders. Running these guys on foot as a bubble-wrap for Mech lists is fine but not for Bike lists. The Bikes need to get out there and put melta in the opponent's face more often than not; it's what they are good at. This means Land Raiders. You can get one as a dedicated transport for the Terminator squad and we'll use a Heavy Support slot for the other. I'm going to take two Crusaders here but a Crusader/Redeemer combination is fine as well. We'll add an MM and Extra Armor to both and we've used 950 points for the Terminators and their rides. Wow! That's a total of 1215 used. In a 2000 point list you can see where issues come in as we've only got 800 points left but with 2500 at our disposal...well we've got more room to play around.

So let's work on the dakka. We want Typhoons/Dreads/Preds to give us suppression fire and anti-infantry at range. The Dreads can generally be run as MM/DCCW but since we have Terminators as our rocks, Riflemen will work very well here. Two of those and we're set back 250 points. Dakka Predators add in some ranged suppression but importantly more anti-infantry dakka. Whilst Bikes are pretty good dakka themselves with TL-bolters, more torrent is good. We've got anti-tank covered with all the meltas as well so getting a static ACLC Predator isn't too flash an idea. Two Dakka Preds sets us back 170 points and just leaves the Speeders left. MM/HF are an option but once again, the Bikes are already delivering a lot of fast melta into your opponent's face so the extra Melta isn't really needed. The HF one the other hand is a nice addition but ranged firepower is more important here. The Typhoon not only provides ranged suppression fire but importantly has S8 for instant death and is a decent anti-infantry platform as well. We'll take three to round out all of our FoC slots except Troops. This sets us back 270 points and a total of 1905 points for the army. We might be pushing it in terms of how many points we have left for the Bikes so let's drop the Libby giving us an extra 100 points.

So the Bikes. Because we have the Terminators we don't really need Power Fists on the full squads. Otherwise the Bikes are our scoring options who are fast melta platforms which are highly mobile thanks to combat tactics and pretty good general dakka use as well. We have 695 points to play with so let's see what we can get! Let's start off with two full squads that can combat squad. We'll hand out each squad two meltaguns + an attack bike with an MM and the sarge a combi-flamer to help against hordes. This costs 295 points and we want two of these for a total of 590. There goes most of our points already and we need this many bikes. The question becomes do we want to drop anything or change the Bike setup? Let's drop a Typhon which frees up a further 90 points and allows us to fit in a small Bike squad w/double melta and AB w/MM. This takes our points total up to 2490, a combi-flamer or some melta bombs later and we've got our list. Here's what it looks like:

Captain w/Relic Blade, Storm Shield, Bike
2x Dreadnought w/2x twin-linked auotcannons
10x TH/SS Terminators w/Land Raider Crusader w/EA, MM
2x8x Bikes w/combi-flamer, 2x meltagun, AB w/MM
4x Bikes w/combi-flamer, 2x meltagun, AB w/MM
2x Typhoon
2x Predator w/HB sponsons
Land Raider Crusader w/EA, MM

Totals: 2500 points
8 Vehicles
24 Bikes & 10 infantry

So not a huge amount of numbers but you've got two very scary rock units backed up by some decent suppression fire and a lot of melta in your face quickly.

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