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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tyranid Prime WIP

I'm heading into the store again today to get some games in with...Vincey. I was supposed to play Taak's Wolves yesterday but I had a last minute appointment to go to and he couldn't make today. Next week hopefully! Anyway, I've been working on this model for a while now in converting it but have been slow getting the paint onto him. I've only done the carapace fully (though it could still use an inking) currently and I need to touch up the flesh which has some green finger splotches on it. Otherwise detailing and he'll be ready to poke holes in things (he will poke holes in things today at least!).

Anyway c&c welcome and appreciated. The white looks a bit washed out in the photo but as I said, needs to be touched up and probably some more inking.

Bonus question (cause I'm cool like that!): which arm (Bone Sword or Lash Whip) has had the most greenstuff work done on it?

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