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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Centurion - Archnomad's Take

Orks orks orks orks! Orks orks orks orks! Orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks orks!

Orks orks orks!

Hey there Kirby. From now on, I'M the big spoon. So, I'll give you guys pretty much a mirror copy of Kirby's post, from my perspective.

I do have to say, the event was absolutely awesome, the Rocky guys are awesome, Kirby is... so white it hurts, I'm not gonna lie. I met some other awesome folks, dunno if they wanna be named up here, but basically, everyone I met was pretty fudging awesome. And y'know, saturday night.

Game 1: Bruce (Crons, Table Quarters)
Ok, Crons. Well, Bruce had his work cut out for him here. He was going LD-scary build, with some wraiths, scarabs, destroyer lord, and a lith. Basically, I was way too quick, and managed to pummel him with everything and by the end of the game, and I got all quarters (He had 2 warrior squads left).

Game 2: Dylan (Crons, KPs)
2 Liths, 3 Warrior Squads (3x13), NB, Lord. Basically, I knew I couldn't deal with the Nightbringer. So, I ran straight past him into his crons, and mass assaulted (declared a Waaagh!) turn 2. I killed a whole squad then. I was stuck in a protracted combat with another for bloody ages, but eventually I had killed both monos, and there were 8 crons, a lord and the NB left on the board, and he phased (on turn 7 no less). As for the Nightbringer... well... Funny story. I knew I couldn't deal with him, so I put him in a box. All game pretty much. Basically, I encircled him. A buggy squad at the top. Kans to his left, a trukk on the right, and nobs at the bottom. I had more stuff to replace lost bubblewrap as well. Was quite funny, really. This army just has so much blocking.

Game 3: Kirby (Tyranids, Objectives)
So, we're going to do a big report on this. But basically, I deployed out of range of his Hive Guard (far, far out of range), and basically walled off my half of the table. We had to finish turn 5, so I just pushed onto the centre objective with like 6 tanks, I had the top right, bottom right, he had top left, and I contested the bottom left. It was a good game, and really tense turns 3-5. I do think Kirby played a bit too cagily though (agree), although game 5 shows results of what would have happened if he hadn't played cagily enough.

Game 4: Dennis (Tyranids, Objecti- What? Wait. What? Table Quarters?)
I'm going to copy this from my own blog:

"Favourite Game:
Round 4 against Dennis.... Jeez. Now, I want to say right here and right now, this was my favourite game of the whole event, and any bitter/hate/anger here is directed at me for fudging up, and not him. He played a fantastic game, and I honestly didn't deserve to win.

Now.... let me explain. My big mistake here is I misread my scenario sheet. I looked at it, and looked at round 5, because it was the 2nd last one on the sheet (out of 6) and it was my 2nd last game. Hence, I played for objectives. This is why I won the secondary. Dennis however played a very solid game in the midfield, and raped me for quarters, played well, and won. However, because I thought it was objectives, I threw turn 5 away as I already had it (or so I thought), and man... Ugh. At the time, I didn't see much of a way to get it back. Lemme explain the board corners at the start of my turn 5:

Top Left
Dennis Had:
Prime, about 20 Gaunts (~200)
I had:
Trukk, Ork Squad (152)

Top Right
Dennis Had:
Tervigon, about 10 gaunts (~230)
I Had:
1 Trukk and 2 buggies (~120)

Bottom Left
Dennis had:
Zilch (0)
I had:
11 Shootas, 2 Buggies,6 Kans, Battlewagon (~600)

Bottom Right
Dennis had:
HT + Guard, 3 Hive Guard (these might have been top right, not sure), Mawloc, 2 Tyrannos (~1000)
I had:
10 Shootas + Nob, 2 Trukks, Wagon w/Mek (~300)

Now, when I realised what was done, I asked if I could play out my movement, thinking I could throw enough into the bottom right to win. Stupid really, even if Dennis had let me do it (he didn't, and I don't condemn him at all, I'd have done the exact same thing). What I should have done is move the battlewagon in my bottom left to the top left. Then I would have tied the primary, it'd have gone to objectives, and I would have won.

The fudging fury I had at myself could not be described. Ask ComradeCowboy. I actually woke up in the middle of the night, sat bolt upright and went



Ok, there we have it.

Round 5: Rob (Tyranids again, Objectives)
Ok, Logan was running possibly the weirdest list. He had 9 Hive Guard (fine) a prime (fine), a Tyranno (Sure), a Fex with devs who ran with the prime (ok, sure). But no gaunts. No, instead he had 2x8 stealers and a blob of 17. He deployed the big blob a-la kroot, which, honestly, threw me for a loop. It held my kans up for like 5-6 rounds of combat, and wrecked a wagon. However, eventually the kans and 2 slugga squads just hunted down the MCs and tyrant guard, and I still had most of my stuff on the board by the end. Ultimately, this was going to be a really hard matchup for Rob, as he had comparitively little CC punch for tyranids that worked against my big things. I moved all my tanks 7"+ every turn, to protect against outflanking stealers. I should say, I had most of my stuff, but it was bloody mauled. Very violent game, and an awful lot of fun. Also, major props for Rob being patient with me and talking me through the assault phase. As a relatively recent competitive 40k player, I really appreciated it, and man, we had some weird assault scenarios crop up in that game!

Final score, 4-1

Final position, 3rd. I feel I earned 3rd, especially due to my major fudge up against Dennis. (:

As to the event, all I'm going to say is fudging A. I don't think much more needs said. If it's on next year, and I'm in the country (should be), I'm fudging there. Matt is sound, drinks on hand and in ice are definitely necessary. I'm bringing my own AC next time too.

I do need to reinforce what Kirbio said though, in that playing on the same tables twice kinda sucked. :P

Look out for our incoming post on the games I had against Kirby and Dennis, I'll prolly do one on that Ork army too, if people want to read it.

Oh, and y'know, Kirby lost to Orks. Ha!

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