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Monday, March 7, 2011

Centurion Summary: Kirby's take

I’m back! I know you all missed me ^^. So the big news is: I lost to Mike’s Orks run by Archnomad. My Warhammer life is now over and I shall never be seen again.

Okay so the last bit was a lie, I’m still going to be here annoying you I’m afraid. Bit of house-keeping. I’m obviously behind on e-mails so if you’ve emailed me since Feb 20th and I haven’t responded, I’m getting there don’t worry! I didn’t get a ton of pictures of all the games (importantly games 2 and 3) due to the speed and intensity of the games. Hopefully enough to explain them well enough but I’m going to do a quick summary of each game below.

Centurion overall was a blast and I’m pretty sure everyone had a good time (I did at least!) though Dennis may want to take mossie repellent… I’m sure fester will post the full results at some point but some of the highlights:

Dennis/Loriness won going 5-0 with Tyranids and came 4th overall (got chicken pox and missed a flight....Dennis! Dennis! Dennis are you here?)
Vince got 2nd overall (and was tabled twice…) going 3-2 and also got full paint for his counts-as Night Lords.
Archnomad got 3rd with ORKS!!!!! and went 4-1 overall.
Rawrtime got 1st overall (I think :P) with 1st in battle points too and no idea what record he had.
SneakyDan got….well no idea but he tabled Vince lol and went 4-1 with Tau.
Eathos got 2nd highest battle score with Dark Eldar Mech and 16th overall iirc.
ComradeCowboy lost to Necrons and Daemonhunters with Space Wolves. Fail.
And I got…8th overall with full sports (do you know who I am!? Lol) and 3rd highest battle o.O whilst going 3-2 (yes I lost twice to Space Wolves and Orks).

I’m sure I’ve got some information wrong and forgotten to mention some people, fester back me up with full results table please. Some great results overall and there were quite a few strong lists and players. With only 5 games the tough games started Round 2 and there were always some good matchups to watch if your game finished early. So here’s a quick summary of my games:

Game 1 vs. Sean (Vanilla Marines)

Sean is pretty new to 5th edition with a scattered list. Great bloke but he was going to have a tough time killing any of my Mcs as he didn’t have much firepower. In the end he had some scouts and tri-las Predator left. My Prime was quite effective in this game as he and his gant bodyguard waltzed around and dropped combat squads every turn. In the end a victory for me in every category.

Game 2 vs. Adam (Imperial Guard)

Fester comes along in all his glory at the beginning of this game and says this was a potential finals match. He clearly had faith in my ability though I wonder how strong it is now :P? Adam has a very good Guard record and his list wasn’t exactly soft (3x Ven, 3x Vet (2 melta, 1 flamer), 2x Chimera w/CCS & PCS, Bassy, 2x LRBT, 4x Infantry Squads). Dawn of War deployment and good placement of my on table Tervigons really helped here and although Adam got boxcars to spot a Tervigon in nightfight (followed by a searchlight), I only lost two wounds to his opening salvo. From there it was me jumping from cover to cover whilst trying to drop the Vendettas with my T-Fexes. In the end Adam was unable to drop my big bugs fast enough and my Raveners were able to cause enough disruption that I was able to win on the primary.

Game 3 vs. Billy (Orks)

I said to fester before the tournament I didn’t want to meet Billy as I knew it would be a pain to win. I was right :P. This was an annoying match-up for both of us. Everything in my list can take out his Troops quite well and my big bugs scare everything of his in combat whilst he has a ton of mech which Tyranids really have a hard time punching through with KFF around. The mech also allows him to tank shock me off objectives and break any bubble-wrap I may setup whilst his Kanz scare my big bugs a lot as I don’t have a Hive Tyrant (Dennis’ list did which was a huge advantage for his game). The mission was also primary objectives which favored Billy mildly over say table quarters as he has more board control with tank shocks.

The game basically boiled down to a Mexican stand-off and we both agreed if it had gone 6-7 turns (we played 5) it would have been a lot closer than the end result suggested. He didn’t want to move across the middle of the board until the last possible moment and shove me off as many objectives as possible whilst I didn’t want to commit my big bugs until most of his Kanz were down which I did…on the final turn of the game. I didn’t want to move forward until most of his Kanz/battlewagons were disabled so my big bugs simply wouldn’t explode. In hindsight being more aggressive with big bugs would have changed the game dynamic but only having I1 big bugs really hurt here, especially without re-rolls to hit. This is especially true since one of his Battlewagons immobilised itself T1 (snake eyes!) which made up for my Turn 2 shooting where I did….nothing! Lol

Anyway was a great game and whilst I don’t have lots of pictures I will show what I can at a later point :P. All props needs to go to Billy as he played a very good game and deserved the win and played Mike’s Ork list very well. When the game ended I could here Mike laughing across the ocean…

Game 4 vs. Wes (Space Wolves)

I’ve never seen a game with worse dice rolling on both sides. I think we both face-palmed at least ten times a turn lol. The highlight: my T-Fex charges 3 GH (2 regs, 1 Pfist) and died. It was on full wounds. It caused zero wounds. Anyway this game came down to my Tervigon’s final run roll. Needed a 6 to get the centre objective and contest the bottom right table quarter (or kill Arjac who did have good luck and passed many many 2+ saves lol). I got a 5 and Wes ended up winning on the Tertiary objective KP 3-2. This was my mistake as I picked three Pods as KP instead of his Grey Hunters though one would imagine 6 Hive Guard, 2 T-Fexes and 4 Mcs in combat could kill some Pods…I was wrong :p. My Tervigon killed one after three rounds of combat!

Anyway, Njal and Logan were able to dominate one quarter of the board with Jaws (dropped Tervigon, T-Fex and Hive Guard) + Terminator buddies whilst I attempted to sweep around behind them and control the rest of the board. Unfortunately this didn’t work and Wes was able to eek out the win. Was an excellent game even with the lol dice rolling on both sides.

Game 5 vs. Damon Damien (Daemonhunters)

Yay…two Land Raiders! Damon had come to Centurion simply to have fun and was quite chuffed at this point that he had two wins but like Sean in Round 1, didn’t really have the firepower to stop all of my Big Bugs. In the end it was basically a case of “can I kill the Land Raiders” which I did to both and the game ended with two Grey Knights left on the table. It was a fun game if a bit lopsided on the table-top and props to Damon for getting two wins with Daemonhunters (and beating ComradeCowboy :P).

Overall thoughts:

Again, was a fantastic day and good job to fester on running a good tournament. The prize support was great and the atmosphere fantastic (and humid). Congratulations to all the major winners and move the tournament to Brisbane! Lol

Significant points:

1) No I don’t change my opinon on Orks :P. I maintain they aren’t as good as the ‘top’ lists out there but really do feel Mike’s list is about as good as you can get with them (sorry Fluger :P) which I still maintain is quite good but if you can break through KFF and deal with the mech spam, ouch. The simple spam of mech and bodies is difficult to break and when played well (like Billy did), is a very potent list. Just so we're clear =D!

2) I missed my Hive Tyrant. The Raveners were great and did very well in most games by providing some disruption and early assault pinning. However, the lack of preferred enemy for my big bugs (and Gants) and a high initiative MC really hurt my army in a lot of cases. Including both raveners and the Tyrant at 1750 is difficult but with Event Horizon being 1850 it is a possibility (though I’d like to have my Marines done at that point).

3) Tervigons; a lot of people are surprised in the reach the Gants have when they get spawned and I think I’ll do a post on this at some point. A lot of people question why I spawn early and on T1 in which I generally reply as bubble-wrap or when against shooty lists, to protect against the Tervigons being shot down early. Nomad and mcdmk2 in particular always tell me to spawn later and I will be doing this in more games to use the above ability. I’ll discuss this in the post about them ^^.

4) The system. Loved it. With only five games matches got hard fast for most contestents but that meant advancing meant all the more! I do feel bad for Billy though as his games went: Necrons, Necrons, Tyranids, Tyranids, Tyranids lol.

5) The boards. Terrain was generally excellent with a good mix of LoS blocking and normal terrain. The only complaint I would have is players playing on the same table. This didn’t happen to me but I know Sean played on Table 15 three times and Vince only played on three separate boards. The two games between Dennis and Josh (1st and 2nd) were also played on the same board both times. Minor, but something to watch out for.

And that’s the wrap. As I said before, don’t have a ton of pictures so won’t have super detailed battle-reports but hopefully Billy and I can put a post together about our game and I’ll ask Dennis to chuck his thoughts in on their Round 4 game. Kudos again to fester and congratulations to everyone!

P.S. I was told I'm very dry in person and whilst this isn't a revelation to me, it implied I was very wet online...go figure.

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