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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daemonhunters into grey knights: special inquisitor edition

If you thought the first one was short, here's something even shorter. Were I an artsy person, I'd claim that the shortness and emptiness is merely a reflection of the current demonhunters codex, but since I'm clearly above such things, I will not.

No, really.

It's been established that grey knights themselves are, well, bad, but there's more to the book, isn't there?
After all, it's called 'codex: demonhunters,' and has Coteaz with his hammer on the cover. So, yes - inquisition.

Yeah, yeah, yeah - you could do inquisitor-styled badassery. At least, you should be able to, right? Well, not quite.
There's stormtroopers, elite inquisitors, assassins, up to one lord inquisitor, chimeras, rhinos, orbital strikes, and demonhosts to pick from.
Yes, three of those eight are elites.
Yes, two of them are transports, only available to three of the entries.
No, you've never seen a demonhost, assassins other than callidus', or orbital strikes actually used.
Good going, team Gav!

Thus, the answer to the question is: 'no, you couldn't do inquisitor-styled badassery, because inquisitor armies are urban legends.'
If you stretch, and use the most reviled of all rules, you can take a weaksauce imperial guard/space marine army to accompany your dude, his six henchmen, ten stormtroopers, two taxis, and asssassin buddy.
Then what?

Then, my friend, you get destroyed, swiftly turning you into an elitist hobbyjerk who hates the game.
The only viable option is allying demonhunter units with imperial guard, but that's not playing demonhunters - or grey knights - now, is it?

That's really all there's to the hammer order of the emprah's holy inquisition. With that out of the way, time for some critical discussion of fail, that's guaranteed to drain your life faster than a culexus could with his current rules.

So, very little actual grey knights, poor showing of the inquisition, way too many elites for its own good, annoying and crowbarred 'ally' rules, lack of reliable anti-tank, lack of mobility, most of the models are expensive metal, and a grand total of zero fast attack choices.
Anyone still clueless why people don't play the army?


One word to sum up two books, both supposed to detail the richer, less explored parts of the game's background, which was masterfully rewritten by Gav. Why? For the Inquisitor game, of course.
You know, where sisters of battle are the fighting force of ordo hereticus - as opposed to the crusading, gun-toting arm of the imperial church. It's a strange world, too; one where inquisitors have instant, plot-granted powers to demand ANYTHING from ANYONE, including chaptermasters, and the pleasure of seeing their every wish carried out in seconds, with zero complaining.

Alas, Gav has passed.
What was is being brought back, every trace of the grand experiment finally erased from history. The three-man hackjob codex, written by McNeil, Chambers, and a younger, less experienced Kelly, to be replaced by a more robust Ward creation.

For all the supposed customization, there's not a lot to say.
Very, very few things in the book are even remotely viable, with the majority of all choices not truly being such.
It's all lies to sell expensive, poorly ruled metal models, invented by a cabal of crazy people, with way too much time on their hands, and writers who weren't really up to the task of making such grand dreams and concepts reality.

At least everything's pretty.

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