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Friday, March 4, 2011

Email in: Goatboy and 'Counts As' Musings

WTF is it with people giving counts as crap to people? I swear - you would think with 3++ with a much more "competitive" minded nature people would just be like - play whatever you want. Well no matter what nice army. I think people can just suck it and I am sure they just have a half painted grey army :). It is crazy how people have gotten so - unimaginative about armies and how people play. Have fun. At least we support a store by making new armies :).

Keep up the good work.

Goatboy aka Thomas

Hey all, just a quick discussion point which was sparked by this email from Goatboy over on BOLS. Wtfudgemuffin Goatboy, you e-mailed Vince but not me :(? I mean my Marines are the same as yours, three chapters in one! Oh how I love you magnets... So, 'Counts as' armies... Love em, hate em?

The first guy who commented on my Night Lords piccies was a hater :( It seems there is a bit of a divide with counts as armies and what some people narrowly think is not fluffy, WAAC doucheness, etc. Well let me tell you haters, my Night Lords are very fluffy, as well as competitive. We here at 3++ strive for competitive, balanced lists and the idea that a DoA Blood Angels jumpers list doesn't represent a Night Lords raptor cult, well it's beyond stupid. I've included Honour Guard and VVets for the Chosen and the ASM are raptors. Seems fairly fluffy :P At least to a non-narrowly minded gamer.

The idea with 'counts as', at least to me, is to make a shitty/boring/less fluffy codex (such as CSM in this case) into another, more competitive but equally more fluffy and exciting list using an appropriate codex (BA jumpers in this case). Am I supposed to use the CSM dex to represent NLs, Alpha Legion and Word Bearers? I think there can be serious cases put forward to use the BA, SM and SW dexes respectively.

Appropriate is an important word here, it must be reasonable to assume that we can use the BA, SM or SW dex for some of the Chaos Legions (which aren't represented nearly well enough in the CSM dex), where it would be quite unreasonable to represent your Night Lords as Tyranids or IG. There is a common sense approach here which should be reasonably adhered to so as not to make unrepresentative armies, just because you want to use their dex. Even a pre heresy thousand sons army looks like it can be done very well with the next DH codex.

So this mini rant is getting a bit long for my tastes lol, but I will leave you to ponder and discuss what you guys think of 'counts as'... Haters gonna hate :(

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