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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How to Guide: Ogryn Ripper Guns Tutorial

Hey Folks,

Miniature Wargame Conversions here, but you can just call me MWC. Im here to share a nice easy way to make Ogryn Ripper guns for all the people that have made their Ogryns from Warhammer Fantasy Ogres. Im short on words but big on pictures. But ironically my pictures aren't that great.. Lol..

 To start off you will need a few supplies and tools:

Above is the exact sizes of plastic rod I used.

Step 1 -Score the center of the solid rod with the tip of a sharp xacto blade. This is so the drill will be perfectly straight as this is the gun barrel

Step 2 - Drill out the solid rod. Try and keep it straight as this is the gun barrel. This shouldn't be hard if you made a nice sore with the blade in the step above.

It should now look like this.

Step 3 - Cut the rest of the parts into the sizes below.

Step 4 - Glue them into this pattern below.

Step 5 - Now cut 2 more little parts for the underhand grip and the cocking mechanism and then glue the grip like below.

Step 6 - Use green stuff to round out this gap.

Step 7 - (This is the best picture I have for the ammo and ammo barrel) For the ammo drum simply make a large tube of GS and wait for it to dry. Then slice out sections of it. I then notch them with a round area missing so they will fit flush against the barrel. For the ammo I made a GS mold of some actual ripper gun ammo. 

Step 8 - Cover the body of the built barrel with a thin layer of GS. Mark a spot for the round ejection port and push the cocking mechanism into the GS next to the port.

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