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Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Grey Knights

If you've been living under a tree (which sounds cool), you'll not have heard of the Grey Knight release (or perhaps you have). Regardless, they are finally here and frankly I couldn't give a toss about the rules. Okay fine I do but I'm much more interested in the models. See when Daemonhunters first hit the shelves, I fell in love. With the Grey Knight models. How many do I have? 1 and it's a Terminator. I've butchered it for parts. Some love. That being said I just loved the feel of them and the nemsis force weapons but I just couldn't justify the money on models I wasn't really going to use. Now plastics are here! PLASTICS! This means many things. Cheaper. Convertable. Kit-bashable. Meltable. Usable. Cuddly. Anyway let's take a look at the models release with the new book that Games Workshop currently has on advance order.

Grey Knights

I'm mildly disappointed with these guys as the halberd type weapons seem to be replaced by more normal swords. Upon close inspection though there does seem to be a few of those (phew) and a bunch of goodies besides. Otherwise the GK helmets and special weapon options are all there with a bunch of bits for converting and of course the wrist mounted storm bolters we all love. Like the Blood Angel Death Company box, I think grabbing a squad of these guys for conversions and kit-bashings is in order!

Grey Knight Terminators

I was once again a bit disappointed until I saw the sprues. Keep the halberds, keep the halberds! This boxed set looks like it again has a bunch of goodies to use and kit-bash with but an unfortunate lack of Daemonhammers (1 per box). Whilst the detailing on these models looks amazing I think I prefer the feel of the regular GKs more. However, still a great box with a ton of goodies inside for conversions and kit-bashings.

Nemesis Dreadknight

I can't say I'm a huge fan of the look and feel of the guy but the model reeks of bad-assness. Plus it's plastic with a bunch of options so what's not to love. Tyranid MCs cry over his statline though and did you see that gatling gun? Who cares if it the stats suck, that thing looks awesome =D!


You are worth 0 Draigos. Goodbye. I prefer the helmeted version but that shield is amazing.

Hopefully we'll get pictures of more things to come (and everyone can start selling off their unwanted psycannons/incinerators as people realise they only get 1 per box) and I look forward to converting with these miniatures.

Oh and playing with their rules...can my regular Marines Count-as Grey Knights please?

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