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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Podcasts and other plaster.

Ok, so folks. Criticism on the first 2 podcasts well received, thank you all. However, this does raise some issues. One, do I talk too quickly? Personally I think I talk at a fairly medium rate, however I understand this isn't the same for all of my listeners, and as I hate the language barrier, am fine with compromising here.

Second, thanks for all the feedback on these 2 episodes. This is very much going to be a learning experience and I do plan on taking all/almost all (not stupid) ideas on board. And for you folks who winced at my jokes, I'll take a comedy class, I swear.

Third, I'm starting a second podcast. Very much an audio blog in its own right as it were. The current podcast is just a substitute for articles (despite taking much, much longer) but this is going to be far more whimsical. It's going to be a lot more personal, and reflect my own opinions and outlooks. Hopefully you folks will find it interesting, but I hope you guys are ok with me deviating off topic, and probably swearing.

But mostly thanks for the feedback guys.


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