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Monday, March 7, 2011

Quick Update

So I've been pretty quiet the past week or two here, having been preparing for TSHFT and trying to get stuff painted. I went to the tournament, had a blast, got to meet a lot of cool folks, but now I'm back and I'll get some articles written up here once I've gotten some sleep and recovered.

Summary version: I got thrashed in the first round on a pretty bad table (very, very little terrain, though not the worst I've seen) by a good IG army and never really recovered from it. Placed about midway through the rankings (as usual), but it was still a lot of fun. There were some pretty crazy games, including two different Tyranid mirror matches and one against sixteen SM Assault Terminators. Harpies did reasonably well, but I don't think they quite fit at 2000pts- there's just too much long-range firepower on the table, so will probably only be running them in smaller games. Hive Guards were A++ in more games and more ways than I can even count, as they were just cutting down guys left and right, even when there weren't any vehicles around.

Congrats to the winners at TSHFT and many thanks to Fluger, who was kind enough to give me a place to crash for the weekend. With any luck I'll be returning in September as well and perhaps bringing home a prize this next time. :P

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