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Thursday, March 24, 2011

SneakyDan's GK (Thousand Sons!) Build process - Confusion Reigns...

So Sneaky is struggling. I've got some terminators on the way, and I'm really keen to start this Terminator heavy GK army, based on the Thousand Sons, pre (or possibly just post) heresy.

Sounds simple, right? Create a list, thats viable, which I manage to do every day, for other people, but I cannot seem to complete the process for myself. So I'm addressing something today that I'm sure some people have had issue with as well, especially those reading here.

How do you change disciplines? I'm talking, really change. In my case, from Gunline Tau, which I have played exclusively in one form or another, for the last 18 months, and roughly 10 tournaments. I'm a bit of an obsessive personality - when left with an idle moment over those 18 months, my thoughts were on my Tau. How to use them, what was effective, armies I could smash, armies that would trouble me... the list was endless. Now I'm shifting to a smaller, elite army, with far less guns, and I'm finding it difficult to write a list that I can work with.

Subconsciously, everything I create feels like I just don't have ... enough. Intellectually, I'm well aware that 10 Paladins, and 10 terminators, gives me 6 solid shooting targets a turn. I'm also aware that 2 psyflemen are amongst the strongest support fire options in the game. But I still can't shake this feeling, that 8 targets (likely to be suppressed targets) is not enough for me to advance safely into the midfield.

So what I'm currently working with, for 1750 pts. Be aware that I'm trying to maintain the no power armour theme, and will not waver on that account.

Grand master, Rad Grenades, 1 Skull 190
Librarian, Shrouding, Sanctuary, Warp Rift, Might of Titan 170

10 Paladins, 4 Master Crafted Cannons, Mixed weapons to ensure wound allocation in 5 man squads. 650

2 x 5 GK Terminators, Psycannon, MC Hammer, mixed weapons - 230

2 x Psyflemen Dreads

1740pts - Probably grab another skull or two, or master craft a hammer in the paladin squad or two.

Basically, it will be a mostly drop army. The librarian can alternately start with the paladins, in reserve, or on the table if required. Summoning is also a possibly 5th power here, as dropping him in with paladins, then porting the GM + terminators across the table the following turn could also be quite strong. The psyflemen will cop a pounding, because they are the only armour on the table, but extreme range and Fortitude should cover all manner of ills. The GM hides either out of LOS, or with a squad of terminators, depending on the enemy force. He's there as a means of psychic communion, although lately I have considered replacing him with a Malleus inquisitor in TDA, to achieve the same ends for less points. This would probably allow me to include a 3rd psyflemen, increasing my damage output.

So what are peoples thoughts on this? Remember that Australians have to play in a Comped environment, (more on this later), and this list is designed to still be viable, regardless of that environment.

On a side note, how do you change from one army to the next? I mean massive change, not just one Power armoured army to the next. Real change, like biker marines to T6 nids. Let me know.


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