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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pay it Forward Changes

Here's something from Matt from Miniature Wargames Conversion.

Welcome to Miniature Wargame Conversions, better known simply as MWC, the blog hub that has brought the very popular Pay It Forward Free Give Away each month. Which has now had spin offs such as the very awesome Gifts of Mork group and several others on local levels.

We are all very proud to announce that we are now opening our doors to offer a place to announce your event, gig, activity or benefit. We will also a proud member in a number of top secret things going on right now including taking part in helping with the Heroes of Armageddon Charity Project. As well as leading the charge in the LiveStrong Wargaming Project.

LiveStrong Wargaming Project? I'm sure you already asking yourself what could that possibly be. Well, LiveStrong for those not familiar is a US based Cancer support organization. Last year, when my wife Sarah and I lost our son, Erin do to a premature birth, she was diagnosed with stage 4 and only given 2 months, with help from LiveStrong, she was able to make it just over 10 months. The people there are very kind and always willing to help in any possible way. So, since Pay It Forward was a tribute to her and our son and is now taking its own path, my thoughts have moved over to helping donate in anyway I can to LiveStrong. Thus the LiveStrong Wargaming Project was born.

It will consist of me and a select few others that will be building, converting and painting various things to sell on ebay. Whats neat is ebay has a feature to take all sales and donate them directly to a Charity of your choice, so, all proceeds for the various auctions will be going directly to LiveStrong via the ebay Giving Works. Yes, thats right, we plan to donate all 100% of each sale. That said, anyone can help by simply listing stuff you don't need on ebay, and donating the money to LiveStrong or any other Charity organization that they feel is best using the ebay Giving Works program.

Full info on ebays Giving Works can be found here:

So, want to join forces and have a platform to hype your projects that reaches our ever growing audience which reaches over 1100 people? All you have to do is just send us an email to ( with the following info:

   1. Your name as well as an alias to be used. (we will not disclose your actual name)
   2. Your Website or Blog if you have one. Or your home Forum.
   3. The date that your project/charity/program will be running and ending.
   4. A place interested people can contact you at in regards to your event, or just your blog.
   5. And finally, one or two sentences explaining your blog, group, charity or event.

In return we only ask one simple thing, to fly the MWC blog image at the top of this post.

We here at MWC cant wait to hear from you and help you hype your blog, project, Charity event, tournament, or anything else your mind can think of.

-- The MWC Crew

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