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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Purifier Flame Conversions

My computer broke again, awesome. Anyway got some pictures loaded up onto my USB I thought I'd show you since I don't have continuous access to a computer obviously. For my Purifiers I wanted to make them stand out more than just having different colored helmets and Halberds compared to the normal GKSS w/Force Swords. So I thought, why not model their cleansing flame ability and what better way to do it than with flaming Halberds? Sounds good...

So then the question was how to do. Green stuff obviously but to make the Halberd look like it's producing the flame or a halo of flame sort of thing? I went for the flaming Halberd look and attached a blob of green stuff, let it harden and then pulled it for the flame effect. What I've then tried to do with the paint job is make it look like the flames are coming off the Halberd. Not sure I've done this too well as I was hungover when I did the paint job (go figure...) but I'm liking the overall concept and can hopefully perfect it for my Purifiers.

Anyway here are some pictures on an already painted model (no the arms do not belong on this model; thanks magnets). Comments appreciated!

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