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Monday, May 16, 2011

Dice and Dice Bags - Final Call

I'm going to order all the dice by the end of this week and hopefully the dice bags as well. The dice have reached the minimum number required but we still need about 40 bag sales (yikes) for the same to happen with them. So a few things.

  1. If we reach over 800 dice I'll be doing another batch later in the year with the 3++ in place of the 3 but that will only be in an opaque pink and is dependent upon how successful this batch is.
  2. If we don't reach the minimum number for the Dice Bags we will either refund the money or provide you with the option to buy the bag at a higher price. Tell people to buy these :P.
  3. If you are not paying via paypal or want a specific order not covered by the Shop you must contact me ASAP so I can add your order and arrange payment.
  4. A big thank you for the response the dice have gotten :). I will be working on getting the other merchandise interest was generated in (t-shirts and tape measures) and will be ordering some extra dice for surplus stock in case anyone wants more (but not many so put your order in). 
I'll be putting the order in within three to four days to hopefully get them to you by early June and thanks again guys. 

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