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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dice, Dice Bags, Facebook group and Games Workshop letter

Okay people! I'll be putting the order in on late Friday my time or early Friday morning for most of you. Make sure you put your order in before then as I'm not getting that many excess. If you are after an order not available in the store EMAIL ME now so we can correspond. Still not sure if we are going to hit the price break area for the Dice Bags so I have requested the price break at a lower quantity and we will see what happens. If not, I will contact those individuals who ordered dice bags and we can work out what we want to do from there.

A facebook group has been created in protest of the embargo on shipping overseas from UK independents and I am currently working on a general letter format everyone can send to Games Workshop. Any assistance or ideas here would be greatly appreciated and should be sent to me e-mail again.

This letter and movement needs to be polite and forceful as possible. My open letter was a bit more aggressive hence why we are not using it as a template for the overall letter. We want each letter to be personal as well some Games Workshop  might actually feel what they've done and move towards a more sustainable business model. As it stands I highly recommend not buying anything from Games Workshop as it stands, particularly the new Dark Eldar and Tomb King ranges. Not getting good sales from those new releases might also make them wake up.

I have a large back log of e-mails currently as I am obviously quite busy and haven't put together any tactics based posts lately so sorry for that guys. Still painting madly though life seems determined to not let me finish in time. *eyeroll*

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