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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Email in: 2k Mixed Sang guard

"Hey Kirbs

I was wondering if you could give me some feedback on the following list I've come up. Been wanting a Sang guard army for a while, but also wanted something that is at least, slightly, competitive.

Here is the list:

Lib - BloodLance, Shield, Jump Pack, Combi Melta
Honour guard, 4 melta, jump packs

Sang Priest x 3, 2 Jump Packs

Sang Guard - 2 Infernus, PFist
Sang Guard - 2 Infernus
Sang Guard - 2 Infernus
Ass Squad, Melta, Rhino

Dev Squad x 10, 4 ML
Dev Squad x 10, 4 ML

Should be around 2k.

Here is how I picture this going:

Dev Squads go into combat squads with 2 ML in each. These get split acorss the board to provide as much cover as possible. Who ever is the open, or more likely to get targeted first will have the un-jump packed Priest with them.

The Ass Squad is there simply to hold an objective with the Rhino to block LOS for maybe a turn or two.

Dante joins one Sang Guard, one priest joins another and the last priest goes where ever. The lib and honour guard will be for tank popping duties will the Sang guard get stuck in at melee. Will also try to hold/counter objectives.

Anyway, let me know what you think.


Overall it's fine considering what it is, a Jumper list which has its match up issues. Devs help alleviate this a lot and Sang Guard open their own can of worms (whilst closing others). In terms of your list I'd look to make the large dev squads simply three smaller Dev squads with 4 MLs. Less ablative wounds but more efficient. Look to get a PFist on each of the Sang Guard squads and how big is the ASM squad (take it out of the Rhino btw). If it's 10 man give it a PFist too otherwise meltagun and pistols to play with the opponents backfield.

If you have spare points upgrading the foot Priest to Corbulo is often a great buy and consider turning the ASM squad into a Scout squad w/cloaks + ML. You lose forward punch but gain a scoring backfield which is nice.

Dante + HG = fine and the Libby is always a good buy but you have to consider the efficiency of taking him in this type of list where points are really at a premimum. If you're tight for points look to drop the Libby first and you should then be able to give the Priests with Jump Packs weapons to take advantage of their WS5.

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