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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Email in: Biker list!

"Hello again,

Back to the "something with Bikes" list V 0.1!

Don't be worried with dates, this is a long term project...Same Tournament, same date...December is the deadline!

This Tournament has a particular set of rules, in particular, a Squadron of Vehicles worth 1 KP for each vehicle... Tournament Missions are as lets avoid squadrons!

I had the lucky to "acquire" a large quantity of 2handed space marine bikes (+/- 30...), a couple of Speeders and a pair of AoBR Dreads...

Not a big fan of Dual Command Biker Army, so no need to emphasize how awesome they are!

So...lets keep ti cheap!

Captain on Bike and Relic Blade

Librarian on Bike Null Zone and Avenger (or MoA)

Command Squad on Bikes x5 w/ Champion,3xSS, 2xLC, 2xMG and PF

Space Marine Bikes x8 w/2x meltagun, AB w/MM

Space Marine Bikes x8 w/2x meltagun, AB w/MM

Space Marine Bikes x8 w/2x meltagun, AB w/MM

Land Speeder Typhoon

Land Speeder Typhoon

Dreadnought w/2x TL-Autocannons

Dreadnought w/2x TL-Autocannons

Total: 2000 Pts

A couple of options:

1) A Chaplain instead a Librarian? The Librarian is more a utility tool Vs the Chaplain Command Squad CC augmentation;

2) 2xLand Speeder Typhoon Vs 3xLand Speeder MM. Kind of "I'll have to try both" here;

3) 2xDreadnought w/2x TL-Autocannons Vs 3xPredator AC/2xHB; Coolness factor goes to Rifledread!

4) Kind of Fast'N'Slow. Drop both typhoon for 3xSpeeders w/ MM and Rifledread for 3xDakkaPreds


1) either works fine to be honest. With the single squad you want to be reliable in combat which the Chaplain provides but you're also a single rock which the Libby helps defend against.
2) Typhoons. You've got fast melta, you need fire support.
3) Another either or choice really. Dakka Preds increase your anti-infantry which you don't need too much help with thanks to all of your guns whilst the Dreadnoughts are better at dropping tanks at range or at least suppressing them.
4) Keep the Typhoons. Only changes I might make would be to run the Dreads as MM Dreads for combat support but they are slow so I think it's fine as is. However, Making one of the large Bike squads a smaller squad and giving the Sarges on the larger squads PFists and upping the Command squad to 3x LC and adding more SS (i.e. Captain) is important as well.

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