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Friday, May 6, 2011

Email in: Grey Knights 1750

"Dear Kirby,

I have been looking quite a bit into Grey Knights as my next painting and playing project.

I was wondering if you could give me some guidance or feedback.
Have been reading alot of the articles on your page, but a little extra is always nice :)

1750 (Still 5 p left)

Librarian 165
- 3 Powers
Radical Inquisitor 50
- Psycostroke + Power Sword

3x Strike Squads á 270
- 10 Models, DH, Rhino, 2xPsycanons
6x GK Terminators 265
- Psycanon, DH, Sword, 4x Halberds

Purifier squad, 5 man 185
- 2x Psycanon, Razorback

2x Dreadnought á 135
- Dual TL Autocanons, Psyammo

The idea was to get alot of bodies and some decent fire power to go with it.
Inquisitor and Lib will augment the Terminators, and make them quite hard to get by in CC.
While the rest camps objectives and shoots as much as possible.

Yours Sincerely

Janus Hedemann"

There are several upgrades your army could benefit from here. Psybolt ammo on the Razorbacks and GKSS squads and you really want four powers (sanctuary, quickening, might and shrouding) on the Librarian. This is 75 points all together so we need to shave 70 points somehow from the list. The obvious way is to drop the Inquisitor completely and one of the GKTs. The grenade options are great but you don't have the points to make him any sort of survivable and certainly don't have the points to get a Techmarine with grenades instead. I'd love to have a Mallus Inquisitor with TDA + Psycannon which would make that GKT squad have two relentless psycannons but that's a trade-off you'd have to make with psybolt ammo on the GKSS squads. Do you want 48 S5 shots or the extra psycannon? I'm going to go with the 48 S5 shots to be honest and you've also got several points left over for some upgrades such as skulls, master-crafting, searchlights, etc.

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