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Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog Wars

Apologies to Kirbs for not posting for a while. I know he's busy painting little plastic men for the end of the month, so hopefully this may help. I sort of demonstrated interest in attending a tournament for bloggers in early June a little while back. I haven't been able to definitely commit yet (thanks for changing the rota at the last minute. PROTIP: never work in a hospital), but am currently about 80% confident I'm going to be attending. Well... confident enough to buy a ticket anyways.

What is Blog Wars you ask.

Blog Wars is a tournament set-up by the blog 'From the Fang' for bloggers. Yes, yes... I know I don't have a blog, but I'm representin' 3++. Blah blah blah *hand held up like a gun*.

There are some notable attendees confirmed so far. Arteides and Bully from Sons of Sanguinus, as well as bloggers from Claws and Fists, the 40k Project, Imperius Dominatus (Mercer), Index Astartes and many many more... go click the Blog Wars Link.

Oh yeah... and Venerable from SoS too. Jerk. Surprise, surprise, this WAAC jerk hasn't posted any thoughts on a possible list as he's clearly in-it-to-win-it and doesn't give a second thought to fun.

Anyway, should you wish to attend, it's being held at Maelstrom Games (Mansfield, UK) on Sunday 5th June.

But BroLo, you don't go to tournaments, you say.

You're right. I don't attend many. But not by choice. Many IRL things tend to get in the way. I have however been promising Venerable that I'd pummel his face in on many equations, but he keeps on hiding like a scared little child. READ: I don't attend said tournaments. So yes, the real reason I'm going is to take my bromance with Venerable to the next level.

So why Blog Wars?

I have a lot of friends in SE England hat run some great tournies, but I thought meeting some fellow bloggers, seeing Maelstrom would all be interesting. Also I've always wanted to go to Mansfield. I joke.

What makes Blog Wars special?

Other than me being there, not very much. Well, except all of the other cool cats that will be there and some of the 'rules'. Special Characters are a must. Cue rage. Not-competitive you shout. That's right. I'm not going to it thinking it's going to be uber-competitive. Even if I don't get a ticket I'd still probably go to be honest.

Anyways... here is the Crux of the matter... which Special Character to take?

I'm obviously going to be taking BT, so I only have access to 2. High Marshal Helbrecht and The Hero of Helsreach, Brother Chaplain Grimaldus.

Before I start, neither of these character offer what I want from a Special Character and I wouldn't consider either 'competitive'. So kids, stop reading from here onwards.

Lets take a look at them.

High Marshal Helbrecht - This guy is the leader of the largest Space Marine chapter in the Imperium. That's right. The guy with WS5 is the biggest, hardest and best of his 5000+ brothers. Well done GW. He comes in at 175 points, but does have 4 wounds and 4 attacks base. Did I say he doesn't have eternal warrior. Or an adamantine mantle. Well done GW. 2+/4++ is nothing to shout about but he does have bionics. *giggles*. He rocks a combi-melta (one of the few characters rocking a melta weapon which is nice) and a master-crafted power sword that grants +D3 attacks in any assault in addition to any other bonuses (there is no FAQ to say if this includes when he's assaulted, it just says in the first round of ANY assault). However, this does mean he could potentially have 8 attacks on the charge at ini 5 and does have access to furious charge (but does require a lame ass command squad to do so). He can take a command squad that does have some extra options, but nothing any sensible person would really consider 'neat'.

Chaplain Grimaldus - 195 points. 2 wounds. That's right. 2 wounds. He can however come back to life if he passes a Ld test and continues to do so every turn he remains alive. He's Ld 9. Thanks GW. He has the standards a demi-chaplain is expected to have (crozius, rosarius, fearless, litanies of hate etc) and nothing really super-duper. He has access to a bog standard command squad - no thanks. Grimaldus has 2 things going for him. Unmatched zeal - All units within 6" (that's right... a whole 6") of Grimaldus are fearless and can zeal toward any enemy unit, not just the closest one. Fearless in CC is bad I agree... but this does make foot lists semi-viable. His other perk is his slightly boosted cenobyte retinue. He counts as having a holy relic so long as one of them is alive rather than the standard where it is allocated to a single servitor. That's it. For 195 points. Thanks GW.

So which one should I go for? and don't say neither.

Here are some of the lists they'll be featuring in...

Blog Wars Take 1 - The High Marshal's Hooligans

High Marshal Helbrecht - 175

Emperor's Champion - Accept any Challenge - 140

Assault Terminators (6) -3 x PoLC, 3 x TH/SS - Furious Charge - 258

Crusader Squad (6) - Meltagun, Powerfist, neophyte x1 - 131 - Rhino - SL - 153

Crusader Squad (5) - Meltagun, Powerfist - 105 - Rhino - SL - 53

Crusader Squad (5) - Meltagun, Powerfist - 105 - Rhino - SL - 53

Land Speeder Tornado - MM/HF - 75

Land Speeder Tornado - MM/HF - 75

Predator Destructor - Lascannon Sponsons - 125

Predator Destructor - Lascannon Sponsons - 125

Land Raider Crusader - Smoke Launchers - 268

1741 (Needs a bit of tweaking - Maybe speeders exchanged for a MM dread and some extra bodies).

Blog Wars Take 2 - Grimaldus of the Foot Templars

Chaplain Grimaldus - 195 (remember there are 3 cenobyte servitors too)

Emperor's Champ - Accept any Challenge - 140

Assault Terminators (7) - 4 x PoLC, 3 x TH/SS - Furious Charge - 301

Terminators (5) - 2 x Assault cannon, 2 chainfists, Tank Hunters - 265

Terminators (5) - 2 x Assault cannon, 2 chainfists, Tank Hunters - 265

Crusader Squad (10) - Meltagun, Powerfist, frag grenades, 8 neophytes - 283

Crusader Squad (10) - Meltagun, Powerfist, frag grenades, 8 neophytes - 283

1732 (still some tweaking to be done).

Okay, so both of these lists are bad. But what do the readers of 3++ want to see plundering Venerable's Blood Knight Hunters of the Temple... or whatever they're called. I want something a total laugh so I can concentrate on socialising +/- drinking (the missus' will be driving (she doesn't know this yet though)) rather than concentrating.

Let's hear your opinion.

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