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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ice Claws - Grey Knight army WIP

<-- my work desk

I've still been run off my feet of late sorry guys. I've done some quick snaps of my army that I need to get done by the end of this month and the crazy way that I'm painting it!

I paint pre-assembly so there are no access issues and I also paint very slowly as I blend highlight (seen here). It takes a long and annoying amount of time but I love the result. That being said I'll be very lucky if I am able to finish this whole army by then as I essentially have 44 infantry models + bases and 9 tanks to do. Yikes! What I'm doing then is painting all of my basecoat blue on my models and then pinning them before I start working on the blending and other colors. This way if time is cut fine I can simply add the other colors and do more basic highlights to at least have a fully painted army.

I also have been working on crafting some Grey Knight heads, chapter symbols for the shoulder pads and the Purifier flame conversions on the halberds (even though they won't be using them in this army). I've also been doing a bunch of magnetising and drilling so everything looks as fancy as possible. Hopefully I'll get it all done in time and would love to hear your opinions on the halberd conversions MkII.

What is left to blueify!

Mould and castings of Chapter symbol

Pile of blue bitz

Space Hulk Libby with Chapter symbol

Purifier halberd conversions MkII

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