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Thursday, May 26, 2011

More New Dark Eldar - Wracks, Razorwing, Grotesques & Haemonculus

So we have the final wave of Dark Eldar models here (other than a few characters we may or may not see). The biggest disappointment: it doesn't appear the Razorwing model is interchangeable between a Void Raven and Razorwing. Not a huge issue because the Void Raven is pretty meh but would have made sense from a financial viewpoint... Regardless, this brings us to the first ever release Finecast models and we would expect they would have been designed for this product (rather than a re-casting of metal minis) so it will bet interesting to see how they come out. As everything stands it all looks pretty sweet.

No link to advance orders because I'm in boycott mode still and I think you should be too :P but here are some shiny pictures.

Personally I love the models (again) and it is tempting to start a Dark Eldar army up again, particularly knowing virtually all of the models have been released. Silly Games Workshop and their embargo!

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