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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Email in: Army list advice Blood Angels style


"Hello Kirby,

At First i have to say i am really enjoying this great blog, its a good placet o get an better understanding of the depts of Warhammer 40k tactics.
I myself live in Germany so sorry for any mistakes ,writing in another language isn`t that easy.
I am not knew to playing 40K but never really was a competetive player more the kind of a fluff guy.
Now i want to step my game up without going overboard with cheasy stuff. I really love the options hat the Blood Angels book gives you and came up with this List.
I know many Units are too pricey but i like giving this nice little bling -things to my men :-).


Sanguinary priest (Lightning Claw, infe. pistol)

5 ASM w/ TL-Assault Cannon Razorback (power weapon, meltabomb,Flamer)
5 ASM w/ TL-Assault Cannon Razorback (power weapon, meltabomb,meltagun)
10 ASM w/ Rhino ( Thunderhammer,Stormshield,meltabomb,flamer,meltagun)
10 ASM w/ Jumpacks (Powerfist, infernus pistol, meltabomb,flamer, meltagun)

Fast Attack
Baal Predator w/ TL-Assault Cannon and Heavy Bolter Sponsons (Stormbolter, Bulldozer shovel, plating)
Attack Bike w/Multimelta

Heavy Support
2* Vindicator
Predator w/ Autocannon, Lascannon Sponsons

1850 points

Your input would be great. Unbelivable that i am writing from Germany to Australia for army list advice. God bless the internet ;-) .

Greetings from germany
(not a german name, originaly I am from africa, so even we know your site :-) )"

The list is pretty solid overall but there are a few things I'd like to see change. The Vindicators in an army with assault units aren't always the best. Vindicators have a few huge weaknesses in that they are huge targets, hate any damage roll on the vehicle chart and have single guns. Add in an aggressive army and their scatter can prove deadly to you as well. If you weren't running assault units I'd be happy with them in the BA army due to their speed but since you are, I'd look to drop them. Probably for some more Preds and Attack Bikes.

From there I'd make the ASM Rhino squad Jump Pack based. Rhino ASM should really be small as you're going to have a hard time assaulting from them and you can still get two melta weapons from the top-hatch in a 5-man squad. The 10-man squads can hide behind the Rhino chassis or deepstrike as you see fit and can more readily assault. I'd also be running all meltaguns on your Assault squads with hand-flamers on the Sarges if you're worried about anti-infantry.

With spare points give the Priest a Jump Pack and get some more Attack Bikes or a 3rd small ASM squad in a Razorback.

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