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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Email in: Blood Lance and the FAQ


"Hi Kirby,

I played an all jumper Blood Angles list in a couple tournaments this past weekend and was reminded that due to the FAQ, Blood Lance now requires a roll to hit. What is your thought on this? Is the power now quite sub-par as opposed to quite good for its job? Also, how do you handle the shooting: roll to hit the targeted unit and then everything else under the line is hit (making it an all or nothing power), or roll to hit each unit under the line?

Is it still worth taking now that you only have a 2/3 chance to hit any vehicles/units you're actually able to reach? Or does Rage or Darkness tip the scales with all jumper lists.


By the FAQ I do think it needs to hit but if someone argues well enough I could be convinced otherwise ^^. The extra need to hit is pretty annoying and reduces the usefulness of it but the ability to hit multiple tanks at once with a S8 AP1 shot? Very valuable on the drop and it's going to dissuade people from castling too much even if it has an extra 3+ roll required to hit.

In the end I feel Blood Lance is more of a deterrent to your opponent in that, hey you castle and I have a pretty good chance of whacking multiple tanks and damaging them severely. The main goal really of Blood Lance is to spread out castles so you can deep-strike more appropriately. For this reason I'd keep it but Sword or Rage may see more use because of the FAQ.

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