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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Email in: Dark Footdar

"So hey Kirby. I have sent you a e-mail earlier and got the list posted, was very helpful and lovely to see some interaction from others regarding my little ideas. So how about this. I am getting tired of all the basic no-brainer choices that are being played. I have tried the venom spams, Wych Cults, Darklight storms and so on. So i descided i would do something else. This is what i came up with. I'l just post the 1500 version of the list. There are also a 2000 version but not needed to look at right now.

Here it is.

Haemonculus: Webway portal 85
Haemonculus: Webway portal 85

4 Kabalite Trueborn: 2 x Splinter cannon, 2 x Shardcarbine 82
5 Incubi 110
5 Harlequin: 5 x Harlequins kiss 110

9 Wyches: Haywire grenades 108
9 Wyches: Haywire grenades 108
10 Kabalite Warriors: 1 x Blaster, 1 x Splinter cannon, Sybarite 125
10 Kabalite Warriors: 1 x Blaster, 1 x Splinter cannon, Sybarite 125
10 Kabalite Warriors: 1 x Blaster, 1 x Splinter cannon, Sybarite 125

2 Beastmasters: 4 Khymereas, 2 Razorwing flocks 102
2 Beastmasters: 4 Khymereas, 2 Razorwing flocks 102

Talos Pain Engine: TL Heat lance, Chain-flails 120
Chronos Parasite Engine: Spirit probe, Spirit vortex 110

Total: 1497
Models: 82

As you might have noticed this is a all footslogging list. A "Dark Footdar" as a friend called it. I love the concept and due to the Webway portals it really works. Anyhow, keep in mind that i am a competetive player but i just try to hit it from different views. Btw, i am so friggin sold on Harlequins in this format that it is sad.

Now have your fun."

Full foot is fine but if you're going to be dropping Portals you need a good delivery system. Large Beast or Warrior units for example or Harlequins with Veil of Tears. I'd probably go Harlequins here as your Elites don't really have a focus. Take two Harlequin squads with Shadowseers, Kisses and perhaps some Fusion Pistols. This gives each squad a place for the Haemonculus to start and drop their Portal (and they can then detach and hand out a pain token) whilst also having two good assault units and some AP1 pistols.

From there give the Wyches upgrades. Hekatrix for Ld9/Venom Blade, Haywire Grenades and Wych weapons. No reason you shouldn't be taking at least the Hekatrix and Wych weapons. Beasts are fine but I'd be looking to make them larger if possible (at 1500 will be an issue obviously) and run the Warriors with Blaster/Dark Lance. It makes the unit more static but it gives you options in how you can deploy/use them in the back or midfield.

In terms of Heavy Support I'd probably run two Talso with TL-Heat Lances rather than a Chronos/Talos combo. Most of the units you want to have pain tokens (i.e. Wyches) are going to be in combat quickly and whilst giving FNP to the Warriors is nice, you can move tokens around with the Haemonculi. This also gives you a bit more ranged anti-tank (you could take haywire blasters as well).

For the higher point levels I'd be looking to fill out the extra Fast Attack, Troop and Heavy Support slot and then look towards your Elite. Another Talos/Chronos, Beastmaster/Reaver squad and Wych unit would all be good fits at 2000 providing you with lots of fast assault units (and bodies) which can hurt tanks in combat through weight of attacks with some ranged anti-tank. This is going to be your biggest issue with the list, taking out tanks at range so careful placement of the Portals is a necessity and maximising any ranged firepower you do have.

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