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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Storm of Magic - Warhammer Fantasy

So the first expansion for Warhammer Fantasy. One doesn't expect much when we can look at Games Workshop's history of expansions for Warhammer 40,000. Will this be any different? No idea but I doubt it. With 8th edition not being a massive success due to some serious imbalances (magic domination, yes?) which makes or breaks games, I wouldn't imagine Storm of Magic is going to be either. In fact, with access to supposedly even more powerful and titanic Magic options than before, this imbalance might even be more heightened than before. It's not like whole infantry blocks don't just disappear as it is now and you want to make Magic more powerful? Cool.

Now I must admit, Magic is by and large, the main reason I got into Fantasy (however shallowly) and more in-depth knowledge, background and rules for Magic in some way excites me. But the competitive player in me who likes game balance winces. Add in the usual new rules which highly encourage the purchases of new products, in this case Arcane Fulcrums and monsters, and there are bound to be lots of people jumping up and down about Games Workshop trying to make money. *tear* for you.

This is all released at the same time as a world-wide Fantasy campaign. I don't know about anyone else but the couple of 40k ones over the past decade were pretty fun so I'm looking forward to this - less so if you have to use the Storm of Magic rules though. When the rules are released we'll go through them here and give an ultimate verdict (whilst having our fingers crossed for something good). Until then... are some pictures of the new products. If nothing else they are pretty and the rulebook (whilst expensive) looks like a good read with pretty pictures. Whether or not it helps kick-start some good Fantasy sales or revives the game? We shall see.

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