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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Email in: Foot Grey Knights

"Hi Kirby,

like many others i started Grey Knights with the new codex. The core of my army is relativ similar to your list but with some minor differences.

In the next step i think about transforming my list to a foot list. But i haven´t seen a good list i like, the only foot-lists in my country (Germany) are paladin-deathstars. They have a good run in tournaments so far, but are not my style.

How would you rate the following list and how would you improve it?

Inquisitor, Terminator Armour, Psycannon, 3x Servo-Skulls
Inquisitor, Terminator Armour, Psycannon

5 Purifier, 2x Psycannon
5 Purifier, 2x Psycannon
5 Purifier, 2x Psycannon

10 Terminators, 2x Demon-Hammer, 1xPsycannon
5 Terminators, 1x Demon-Hammer, 1xPsycannon
10 Grey Knights, 2x Psycannon, Psi-Munition
10 Grey Knights, 2x Psycannon, Psi-Munition

Should be 1745points for 52 Models and 15 Psycannons. I could have more Psycannons if i would lose the Terminators for more GKSS, but i think i will need the staying ower for personal combat.

For 2000P I would add a third strike Squad with 2 Psycannosn or 10 more purifiers with 4Psycannen (i would lose the Psi-Munition) or 5 purifiers and 5 GKSS with three Psycannons or five GKSS with one Psycannon and 2x 7Psykers for two nice S10AP1 pie plates. What would you recommend?


In terms of having a foot focus this is fine as GK obviously do well on foot with their strombolters but you're going to find Psycannons don't always cut it. Sometimes you just need something with a better chance of penning AV14 or actually killing a vehicle on the damage chart. For this you really need melta so what I'd do is drop the smaller GKT squad and grab two henchmen units. Put some MM Servitors in there as well as some normal metalgun acolytes alongside some naked acolytes or storm bolter acolytes. This ups your anti-tank ability, gives you some more bodies and adds a hefty bodyguard for each of your Inquisitors.

If there are any spare points I'd look to make the GKT have psybolt ammo and a brotherhood banner where they now become quite a bit scarier in combat with base 3A. If you're tight on points you could drop the Psy-ammo off the GKSS squads as I'd rather see it on the GKT with a banner attached as well.

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