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Thursday, July 28, 2011

3++ Vassal Ladder Season 1 - Launch

Hi everyone, this is Katie Drake bringing you Ladder-related news!

I have a pretty big announcement to make. 3++ has teamed up with Athran from to present to 40K players everywhere Season 1 of the V40K Ladder!

The official forums are up. To get involved, begin here. You’ll need an account to make posts and join the ladder.

There have been some changes to the rules because of the way that’s ladder software works, so be sure to read the updated rules post found in the forums. It’s nothing major, just the way points are earned and lost after games as well as a couple clarifications.

The Ladder will open for registration at 12:00AM on July 31st, Eastern Standard Time. People are encouraged to use the time between now and then to write army lists, read over the rules, ask questions and maybe get some practice in.

I hope to see people signing up to the forum and posting questions, comments and more soon. Looking forward to laddering with you guys!

Katie D

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