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Friday, July 22, 2011

Countdown to NOVA– 35 days

Hi everyone, Gramps is here to impart his years of wisdom (all 27 of them). Kirby has graciously allowed me to be a guest author for a while as a lead up to the 2011 NOVA Open GT (40k). I played in last year’s NOVA Open and had a blast, despite my average record with my Tau. This year is going to be much larger with 256 40k players, so I will be taking a slightly more competitive army, Doublewing.

My vision for this series of posts is to chronicle my journey to NOVA culminating with real time battle reports and a final NOVA summary. I use the term real-time loosely because I do not know if there will be any WiFi in the tournament area. If there is not, I will have to run up to my hotel room during the longer breaks to post. Either way, my goal is to give those that cannot make it to NOVA an opportunity to follow along with the fun.

Between now and NOVA I will be taking comments on a few list options I have, posting some WIP pictures as I finish up my army, and getting opinions on what bat-rep style is preferred.

Additionally, if I can get spousal approval to head to NOVA on that Thursday then I will try to provide pictures of the Whiskey Challenge, the Team Tournament, as many army pictures as possible, and any social events (i.e. drinking) that may follow. Consider me your unofficial 3++ NOVA reporter. I take requests, so if there is a specific person’s army or event you want to see a picture of just let me know.

My next post will focus on my army list options and some WIPs that I need to finish for NOVA.

PS – For those curious, I earned my name because I act like a cynical old married man and am wise beyond my years (last part added by me).

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