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Monday, July 25, 2011

Email in: 2000 point Coteaz Paladin Bubble

Painting Raven

"Hi Kirby,

I've been reading your blog for a while although I don't think I've played an actual game of 40k or worked on a mini for quite a while now and have yet to actually complete the one army I own (a hybrid mech IG blob that I started back in 3rd edition because tanks were cool and space marines were the easy army). However, I've been somewhat keeping up with the codex releases and the online netlist scene. The title of the army should be pretty self explanatory, and I guess it should operate something similar to an SM thunderbubble list except the bubble part actually shoots things and the troops are weaker overall. Paladins form a nice nasty wall, other GK's and MM bunkers sit behind it in midfield to support, and the rest of the army chills in the back. Coteaz would stick himself in the paladin squad (or one of them, if combat squadding) to take advantage of his ex-mystic powers (was debating putting in a unit of 3 plasma cannon servitors for him to sit with for epic rage).

Coteaz 100

10x Paladins, 6x halberds 2x sword 2x hammer, 4x psycannon 630
6x Purifier, 2x halberd, 2x psycannon, razorback, TL heavy bolters, psybolt ammo 238

8x GKSS, halberd, psycannon, rhino 225
1x Warrior, 2x MM servitor, rhino 63
1x Warrior, 2x MM servitor, rhino 63
3x Warrior, razorback las/TLplas 92
3x Warrior, razorback las/TLplas 92
3x Warrior, razorback las/TLplas 92

Dreadnought, 2x TL Autocannon, Psybolt Ammo 135
Dreadnought, 2x TL Autocannon, Psybolt Ammo 135
Dreadnought, 2x TL Autocannon, Psybolt Ammo 135"

I feel like the army is close but not yet there. The two MM Servitor Rhinos are great but require babysitting Inquisitors - not something Coteaz really wants to do and cuts down on their points efficiency. The 8x GKSS has no point really. Either go for 5x GKSS w/Razorback or 10x with Rhino and more guns. They are too expensive to add more bodies for extra feet on the table and don't add enough in combat with only 1A each (unlike say Grey Hunters). So, what to do? I feel the army concept is fine - few people want to actually engage Paladins in combat and 4x MC-psycannons is nothing to sneer at. They are an expensive block however so you need to save points elsewhere and this is where Coteaz can come in. Rather than get more expensive Troops such as the GKSS, just grab as many Acolyte squads as possible in Razorbacks.

If you want some MM or melta (which I don't think is that necessary), you can put them in Rhinos or Chimeras as you see fit but otherwise you can provide yourself with 6 Razorbacks for under 600 points. Sounds good. Rest of your points outside of the Psyfles and Paladins can go into Purifiers or Interceptors or getting another HQ such as a Grandmaster for flexibility or Karadread for keeping the Acos around and sucking up instant death shots on the Paladins.

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