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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tyranid week?

How real MCs deal with tanks.

I know it's nearly the end of the week but I think I'm going to go through some match-ups for Tyranids. I'll probably continue this to next week as well but I'm seeing a lot of people going too far in the 'Tyranids suck' department or saying why they are bad in competitive play but being wrong. Now let's be clear, I love my Tyranids (and I do have the bug itch as BroLo calls it currently) and they are certainly a good army but there are some armies that they just run into and... well stop. They can certainly win the games but it's hard.

We're going to look at this over the next several posts (it won't be all Tyranids don't worry) in army comparisons with a full-up summary of Tyranids in 5th and army building in regards to balanced lists. There are some great examples of what I think are the best Nid lists out there currently and whilst these style of lists are popular, there are certainly options around them.

So before I knuckle down and crank out the comparison posts - speak up. Why do you think Tyranids suffer in a tournament environment? What list building issues do they have if any? What match up issues do they have if any? What specifically is it about these match ups that causes problems?

I have some obvious ideas that I want to address in these posts but the more information you give me the more information I can give back in this regards. Some things I might not think to address for example or view in a different way. So spill the beans :).

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