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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Email in: 2500 Space Wolves 'Ard Boyz list for review


"Hey Kirby,

Long time reader first time emailer! I love the site and have gotten some great ideas and strategies from it. I very much enjoy the almost "professional" atmosphere of the blog, and the well-thought-out articles that you and your team write up.

That being said, last Saturday I was fortunate enough, in my first ever tournament, to place 3rd in my local 'Ard Boyz tournament. So now I am advancing to the next round, and I'm writing and building a list that I'd be appreciative if you'd have a gander at it. The list that I used the first round was basically me fielding every model I had, and luckily they came to 2500 points. This list is a refinement and a brand new list, and would like some feed back on it and potential things to watch out for, if you would be so kind.

2500 Space Wolves 'Ard Boyz List:

HQ: Rune Priest w/ Living Lightening, Jaws of the World Wolf (100)
Unit 1: (230)
Wolf Guard with TDA, C-Plasma and Wolf Claw
Wolf Guard with TDA, C-Plasma and Power Weapon
Wolf Guard with TDA, C-Melta and Wolf Claw
Wolf Guard with TDA, Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
Wolf Guard with TDA, Heavy Flamer and Wolf Claw
Dedicated Transport: Land Raider Redeemer with Multimelta (250)

Unit 2: (230 + 170)
Wolf Guard with TDA, C-Plasma and Wolf Claw
Wolf Guard with TDA, C-Plasma and Chainfist
Wolf Guard with TDA, C-Melta and Wolf Claw
Wolf Guard with TDA, Storm Shield and Wolf Claw
Wolf Guard with TDA, Heavy Flamer and Power Weapon
3x Wolf Guard with Powerfist and C-Melta , 1 Wolf Guard with Powerfist and Storm Bolter (these 4 join troops below)

4x Grey Hunters x7, with Standard, Meltagun, Powerweapon, Rhino (170 each)
Grey Hunters x5, Flamer, Las/Plas Razorback (150)

Heavy Support:
2x Long Fangs x6, 5x Missile Launchers, Las/Plas Razorback (215 each)
Land Raider (vanilla) with MultiMelta (260) (for the 2nd wolf guard terminator squad)

I went with the standard raider as opposed to a Crusader as I felt the dual TL Lcannons would be more beneficial. I chose the Redeemer due to the number of MEQs I expect to face. I did have 2x MM/HF Landspeeders, but dropped them to take the extra 5-man Grey Hunter team, as in every game I played in round one the Las/Plas Rbacks became invaluable for the double-tapping plasma guns, and I wanted the extra one over the speeders. I also took out a cyclone missile launcher off the terminators (and replaced it with a heavy flamer) to be able to fit it in points wise. I know your thoughts on Jaws, but I didn't take it the first round, and my last opponents were, shockingly enough, Necrons, and it was an annihilation game. I just couldn't stop them from using WBB fast enough (and the terrain was against me), so that was the only game that I lost (minor loss). The power that I did take, Murderious Hurricane, I didn't use once.

What do you think? Is it competitive? Thanks for any and all help/suggestions!"

I like the core of the list but don't like the double Land Raider. Consider at 2500 points you've got a lot of S9 shots and a lot of melta units. Are those Raiders going to last long against it? Probably not and at 2500 they generally won't. If you wanted to take one as a dedicated transport for offensive potential I wouldn't begrudge you that but I feel taking two as transports isn't a good idea. By dropping the Heavy Support one you immediately get another Long Fang pack with a LasPlas and now your Wolf Guard units are walking on the ground. I'd change the heavy flamers back to CMLs and probably wouldn't have the whole squad in Terminator armor. If you combine Terminator armor, storm shields and power armor, you can get a unit which is cheaper than what you have now but has more survivability thanks to more models and all with good saves. One unit could have a WGBL with the Scout Saga as well for Stealth but not really needed.

Any extra points I would then put into getting Land Speeders (or taking one Wolf Guard unit to 10 strong so you can get 2x CML). Also Chooser for the Rune Priest is a great 10 point buy. Otherwise your list is very solid. Potentially consider ablative Wolf Guard wounds for the Long Fang packs as well (especially if you go the 10x Wolf Guard route for one squad) and Mark of the Wulfen can often be better than the Power Weapon in the Grey Hunter squads.

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