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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Email in: Kirby! Army list for Semis. Have the time?

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"Obviously I have no idea what the missions will be but if they don’t favor kill points quite so much then I’m hoping this list would be able to do alright. Changed a few things from the prelims list. Pretty much just dropped some Sternguard and Tactical marines to add in a Plasmagun Command Squad in a Rhino. I never really know what to do with Tactical Squads. I’ve never liked them but I find scouts to be even less reliable.

Kirby edit:  I've done the list by hand

MotF w/servo harness
Command Squad w/4x Plasma Guns, 1x PFist, Rhino
7x TH/SS w/3x LClaws, Land Raider Crusader w/EA, MM
5x Sternguard w/2x Lascannons, Rhino
Dreadnought w/MM
2x Rifledreads
5x Tacticals w/Power Fist, Plasma Pistol, LasPlas RBack
10x Tacticals w/Plasma Gun, Lascannon, LasPlas, RBack
10x Tacticals w/meltagun, missile launcher, combi-melta, power fist, Rhino
Predator w/HB sponsons"

So...the list is really all over the place I'm afraid. You've got a single rock which at 2500 is highly likely to be delayed. Whilst it does have the ability to outflank, and thus minimise the possibility of an early blocking, this also increases the chances of it not getting to your opponent due them refuse flanking and board edge blocking. Not good. You then have scattered choices throughout your Elites (1 Dread, 1 Terminators, 1 Sternguard), Fast Attack (1 Speeder) and Heavy Support (2 Dreads, 1 Predator) and whilst your Troops are okay, they are bit all over as well. A 5-man squad with plasma pistol and power fist upgrades, lasplas squad upgrades, power fist in a squad likely to combat squad, etc.

In the end, what do you want the army to do as there a lot of ways you could turn this list into something better. I personally wouldn't be taking Khan unless you're running Biker command units. Furious Charge + Hit and Run on Termies is awesome but Black Templars do it better and you've still only got one squad of them. The plasma Command squad is also nice but doesn't need a PFist and is really going to be a one hit wonder. You have minimal fire support despite the MotF so you need to address that, etc.

I know this sounds harsh but it just feels like you've gone I like this, this and this and put it into an army. It's not a terrible army but it doesn't have a focus and lacks cohesiveness and if you come up against a good list/general at 2500, you're going to watch your army get picked apart piece-meal. With that in mind I'd recommend trimming a bunch of the upgrades, specifically things like power fists and plasma pistols. Drop the Pred in favor of a Rifledread and drop the MM Dread in favor of another Terminator + Land Raider combination. To do this you'll likely have to trim back the Plasma Command Squad and any spare points I'd then sink into your small tactical squad to bring it up to 10-strong and look to potentially take a scout squad with camo cloaks. At 2500 25-35 marines is pretty low on the scoring side so all excess points should really go into them and potentially changing the Sternguard to a melta/ML/combimelta/Rhino tactical squad wouldn't be a bad idea either.

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