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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Email in: Deep-striking Land Raiders 2k!!


"Thanks for all the previous info! I've found your comments on my Tau forces especially helpful. But todays question is in regards to a new army i'm testing: Blood Angels. I love them. But they do have the dumbest vehicular strategy of the game available to them: the Land Raider deep strike. Conceptualizing it I imagine the Ark of the Covenant being kicked out of another larger moving vehicle Toy Story style... its so silly on so many levels. But, I cant help but want to field a resonably effective army revolving around it. The list is as follows:

Librarian: bolt/shield: 100

X3 apothecaries: 1 termie armor, infernus pistol: 195
Assault termies: x2 tth/ss: 210
Assault termies: x2 tth/ss: 210
Land raider: 250
Land raider: 250

Tac marines: combi-melta: 100
Assault marines: melta, pf (remove JP for free DP): 135
Assault marines: melta, pf(remove JP for free DP): 135
Assault marines: melta, pf(remove JP for free DP): 135
X3 Drop Pods: teleport homer on two: 20

Devs x3ml: 130
Devs x3 ml: 130

the idea is to deploy the Devs in terrain as usual, with the tac squad to either babysit them or to claim the home objective. The first two drop pods deploy, carrying Assault Marines + Librarian and Assault Marines + Apothecary respectively. Then, they do their shooty thing. Most opponents wont think to focus fire on the drop pods. When you get the right rolls, you bring the Land Raiders and other Pod in within 6" of the locator beacon, to land scatter free! use PotMS to get a couple shots off, next turn begin the assaulty chaos!

so what do you think? any way you would recommend optimizing this list?


Shas'el Mike"

I'm going to highlight a few things you've said.

1) most opponents won't know to shoot the drop pods.
2) when you get the right rolls.

If you ever say those words in relation to lists, I'd probably not do it ^^. Let's look at it more in-depth. You bring down two pods on T1, have the two dev squads and tac Marines. Not a lot on the table at any points level really and this is 2000. What you're then hoping your opponent does is not fire on the only two vehicles on the table so you can bring in a normal Land Raider + Terminators right next to it. Not happening, especially with so much melta around. Even if those Pods survive, you've teleported right into melta range and don't even get the benefits of having assaulted out of a Land Raider. Whilst you overcoming not being shot down early or blocked, you have a 50% chance of losing time and are dropping yourself right in front of melta and assuming your opponent cannot take out the Drop Pods.

In terms of optimising: don't do it really. It's harsh but that's the best I can give you. Even if you start everything on the board it's not a lot. Sure anyone without meltaguns is going to be pissed but eh. If you want to run Land Raiders with Blood Angels I think the best bet is get around three - two with Terminators and the 3rd with ASM. Then get some Razorbacks to support - again with ASM. Libby for Shield and Unleash Rage and a couple Priests and go from there. You've got decent vehicle numbers but very vulnerable to AV14. Your firepower isn't great but it is effective and the LRs can be hard to suppress.

As a general rule of thumb. Don't deep-strike Land Raiders ^^.

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