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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Email in: Hi 40k comp army build

"Hi I heard from a friend you are pretty responsive to emails and from looking at your site I see lots of experience posted throughout. So that said it brings me to my questions, I need one of my armies to be competitive in 2000 and 2500 point areas as long as on a national level. I will learn the tactics but the army build needs to be as competitive as can be call it cookie cutter if you want but winning is winning in my book and thats where the fun is for me. I have 2 options with lots of routes in my eyes....

Option 1
Space marine
Option 2
Sisters of battle
Immolator spam
My thinking (CORE OF ARMY-3 10 man squads of sisters in rhinos, 3 dominion squads of 5 or 6 sisters in immolators, 3 exorcist)

P.S. TY for any advice given in advance and also I realize that this is just opinions but its nice to hear from someone that has a plenty of years in this game and has great tactica on there website."

Hey Jonathan

sorry delay in reply here. I think you'll want to go the Space Marine route as Sisters of Battle are very likely to get a kick in the nuts (though this all depends upon the points) with their White Dwarf release. That being said, I would hold-off until the next White Dwarf and then make your decision there - they might be good after all and then I would recommend them - just to be different :P.

Otherwise Doublewing and Thunderbubble based lists are fine to use. Doublewing, or even Deathwing with Ravenwing support in the FA slot, will often have issues killing things but are very durable armies which can annoy the crap out of your opponent. Also consider going Deathwing with Mech support though I prefer the Doublewing concept. Thunderbubble is a cool concept but in terms of competitive play I'll quote Zjoekov: "Shooting lists out-shoot it. Combat lists out-assault it." This obviously isn't the merit of a bad list but rather one somewhere in the middle, just be aware that the TH/SS scare a lot of armies and hate to see hordes themselves. I've linked articles on each army concept which explains them more in detail and gives sample army lists for you to pursue.

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