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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Imperial Guard Painting Scheme!

Hey pinkies, I need your help on deciding which one of these IG schemes looks better. Just guardsmen for now, but I have some tank camo ideas too. Hopefully Kirbasaur can put up a poll for me and that would be much obliged. Leave me some comments about which one you like and if you like neither, also tell me why :p

So Scheme A : Armour - Fenris with HL, Black clothes + HL then badab wash all.

Scheme B : Armour - Black with HL, Clothes - Fenris then streaks of white and black + badab wash all. (This scheme is similar to the 122nd Cadian which can be found in Eye of Terror codex or in the oldschool Cityfight book and also a few pics in the old IG book)

Don't mind the bases for now, I plan to add some snow when I get a few done. So which one (if any) do you guys like? Comments much appreciated!

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