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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Warmachine Two Player Battle Box & Dice Arrivals

I've gone ahead and pre-ordered the Warmachine two player battle box, yay! Menoth for me and Khador for Vinsanity. I imagine I'll be doing quite a few "look at me I'm new!" articles as we start playing some small games and I imagine Vince might post once or twice about this - don't hold your breath though! I imagine we will only be playing with the battle box contents initially as we learn the ropes and there are several others interested in joining up such as Loriness and others we play 40k with. Again, not a changing of the guard or banishment of 40k but rather an incorporation of another gaming system thanks to our strong disagreement with Games Workshop decisions lately. Plus, it looks fun ^^.

Also, dice have started arriving to customers which I'm glad to hear. There was a delay in sending the European/Australian ones with a post office lady being dumb. Seriously, if a parcel fits through the 22mm slot, it should be priced at 22mm yes? Not any bigger. Moronic woman. *goes to next post office* oh look, they fit through! *charges for 22mm*. Rocket science I know - yes I'm bitter ^^. Anyway they were all sent early this week so Australians should be getting them now/soon and Europeans late this week if you're lucky otherwise next week. Enjoy and if you're still looking to buy, 2nd wave order is still on offer.

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