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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Email in: Screw Draigo Wing, its all about the Mordrak Wing


"Good Morning Kirby, I thought you might want to wrap your brain around an unconventional GK list with a zest of conventional. No Psyfleman, No Draigo but a list with some rigid and useful tools. Granted this list will have a hard time punching more than 2-3 Vehicles a turn, it has a lot of tricks up its sleeves. I really love Mordrak, I think he is highly underrated and has a great background. I love Incinerator Purgations, they are a cheap tool that can effectively use reserve to punch Light Armor, hordes and lay down some serious wounds on MEQ for the low low low price of a 100 points (Minus the Razorback). GK play best at being in your face army and the lists that I see being played are just Imperial Guard players with MEQ trying to recreate a very shooty list that can spread its alpha strike capabilities over a few turns. (Which is great!) I play DE competitively and I don't think any army in the game at the moment can outperform DE in shooting at the moment so I want to play something a little different with the shiny men from Titan.

Mordrak w/ 5 Ghost Knights (2 Great Swords, 1 DaemonHammer, 2 Halberd)

Librarian w/ Hammerhand, Quicksilver, Warp Rift, Sanctuary

10 Paladins w/ 3 Psycannons, 2 DaemonHammer, 4 Halberd, 4 Great Swords, Apothecary

5 GK Terminators w/ 1 Psycannon, 2 Great Swords, 1 DaemonHammer, 2 Halberd

5 GK Terminators w/ 1 Psycannon, 2 Great Swords, 1 DaemonHammer, 2 Halberd

5 Purgations GK w/ 4 Incinerators, 1 Great Sword.
Razorback with TL-Heavy Bolters and Psybolt Ammo

5 Purgations GK w/ 4 Incinerators, 1 Great Sword.
Razorback with TL-Heavy Bolters and Psybolt Ammo

Total - 2000 Points.

Tools and Tricks:
With Grand Strategy, I can make the Paladins scoring and Mordrak unit or Scout/Outflank the Purgations (if I get lucky the Paladins too) or give Mordrak and the Paladin Counter-Attack (Legit son!).

I can also go full reserve well with just Mordrak's Unit coming down on Turn 1 no scatter automatically than Psychic Communion on turn 2 to help reserves enter.

Turn 1 no scatter auto DS from Mordrak + Ghost Knights + Librarian = Warp Rift can seriously screw some armies up. (Its a JAWS Flamer that also causes single penetrating hit on vehicles that it touches)."

Mordak, Libby and no summoning? I'd bring along summoning so you can bring the Paladin squad in as support. Bring along the teleport homer and some servo skulls as well so you can make sure everything comes down accurately as well. The issue then is your army is basically something that gets in your opponent's face - which is great, but you don't really have the power to crack things open. Five relentless Psycannons isn't going to cut it and I'd really be looking to get Psyfledreads in place of the Purgation squads and cheaper support (GKSS in Psybacks?) instead of the GKT. You've got 17 tough guys in your opponent's face already so you need to maximise your other points.

That being said I don't really think it's that great. Psychic defense is going to stop summoning around half the time and then Mordak and co are left out to dry in front of your opponent's army and you end up with a less capable Draigowing. I really think the FAQ fudged up the Mordak + Libby combination since you cannot double cast Summoning but other than getting your Paladins into combat earlier and putting heaps of pressure on shooting armies which cannot out combat Grey Knights, it just feels like the list doesn't give you anything over and above what walking across would.

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