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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Email in: Trying to make the best GK Razor list for a local RTT.


"Hey Kirby, really struggling with the best balance in this list.


6x5 GKSS, Psi Cannon, Razor w Psi ammo

3x5 Purifiers, 2 Psi Cannons, 1 Hammer, Razor w Psi ammo

3 Dreads, 2 twin linked AC's w Psi ammo


With the remaining 25 I can upgrade my Inq with rad grenades and a power sword or buy some dozer blades.

Now my question is am i better served in this list with ven dreads instead of purifiers for extra anti armor. If so, should i trade all 3 or just 1 or 2?

Is it worth it to take one squad of GKSS and change them into a 5 man Death Cult squad with the same Razor (works with a Rad grenade/hammer hand upgrade to the Inq)

How much would it be worth to sacrifice stuff to fit Coatez into the list. (say go to a 5 man death cult over a GKSS squad and put the purifiers in rhinos instead of Razors...)

What is your take on Rhinos vs Razors for 5 man purifier squads in any case?

Thanks for taking the time to have a look."

I think in this case what the list lacks is AP1. I generally find when going for MSU Grey Knights with Psybacks that getting two Ordus Inquisitors with TDA + Psycannon and plopping them in a largeish henchmen unit with MM Servitors + meltagun Acolytes gives your army some bubble-wrap and two very good anti-tank units which don't score. If you wanted to stick with the full MSU Grey Knight theme though I'd use those extra points for Dozer Blades though I would probably drop the Psybacks on the Purifiers to Rhinos. Having some Rhinos in Grey Knight lists is pretty important as you can do some top-hatching, particularly as units start to get whittled down (and thus hide and remain a scoring threat).

If you wanted to get a counter assault unit replacing one of the Purifiers with a DCA is a fine option as well though you'll find it hard to squeeze in Coteaz. I'd keep the Purifiers over the VenPsyfles as the extra bodies and psycannons help - particularly in terms of anti-infantry. If you wanted more than three Dreads I'd go with Crowe + Purifier Troops and once you've got your six, fill out the rest with Dreadnoughts. Bit uni-dimensional but annoying as hell.

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