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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emperor's Legion Army Photos

I'm still waiting for the overall results to be posted (I don't know where anyone placed other than Denis with one n was first). For now let's look at some of the very, very pretty armies. The Ultramarines 2nd company army came 1st in player's choice and there were three or four armies tied for second (I only remember the Orange Grey Knights were one of those).

Enjoy! Oh and Vince...well let's see. I was setting my army up on Day 2 on a fold-out table. Vince sat on it. Table collapsed. Army goes flying. Thanks Vince. Dickhead :).

Vince's Night Lords

Draigowing bashing Vince's Night Lords

Denis' Grey Knights - he finally learned how to play them this weekend ;)

Vince's Night Lords against Draigowing

Vendetta stack.

Draigowing - built as Custodians
Vince's Night Lords against Shane's Blood Angels (he painted the Eldar from Event Horizon)

Favorite army at the event, Scott Grey's Orange Knights! The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the all yellow hammers, felt more could have been done there but overall the army was just amazing. Makes me want to whip out my orange paint and make the Fire Claws a reality (the Ice Claws can go melt in hell!).

Won Player's Choice.

Breathmint Nids after Vince tried to smash them into little bits. Aren't they cute? VOTE FOR ME

Ravenwing with Terminators + Shrike.

More Orange Knights.

Chee's Deathwing. 

More Draigowing.

More Draigowing.

Shane's Blood Angels.

Denis' Grey Knights. How cool is that Inquisitor?

So I liked the Orange Knights okay?

Blood Angels without Counts-as douchery! 

Seriously Vince - highlight the Lightning bolts!

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