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Thursday, September 22, 2011

NOVA - Round 3 Bat Rep

Well, school has kept me busy so I am a bit behind on Bat Reps. But Kirby's "sickness" has given me motivation. Plus, I can post my new Belial conversion shown at the left (he has a cape that you can't see here. It is my first big conversion, so I am pretty happy with it. I'll be using it this weekend at the Blobs Park GT.

Anyway, on to round 3 bat rep.

Yet again, difficult terrain was a huge issue, but not just because of the terrain. His Night Spinners proved to be a tremendous annoyance to my already slow army (Night Spinners shoot a weapon that forces difficult/dangerous terrain checks on any unit it hits).

Round 3 vs Bill S. Eldar
Mission: KP, Table Quarters, Objectives

His list:
2 x 6 Fire Dragons in Wave Serpent
3 x 6 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent
2 x 6 Pathfinders
3 x Night Spinner

The kill power of night spinners is a bit lost against my army, but the ability to slow me down really determined how I would play and ultimately limited my killing ability to zilch. Of course, this is my first time playing against Night spinners, so I did not learn this until after deployment.

He won first turn, deployed Pathfinders and Eldrad. I deployed nothing.

His turn 1: He brings his stuff on and moves.

My turn 1: I bring on everything in the middle/right side of the table, and Deep strike Belial and 3 squads into the middle/right of the table. most stuff runs, I shoot a little at tanks, but nothing pens

End of Turn 1

His Turn 2: He made some moves (see picture) and killed 1 predator, took the cyclone off a speeder, and killed one predator. He also made about half my army have difficult/dangerous terrain thanks to night spinners.

My Turn 2: My remaining predator kills a wave serpent and take the TL catapult off a another. I manage to get to the pathfinders and kill them in assault with Belial's squad. My middle terminator squad makes it to a wave serpent on the right and immobilize it.

End of Turn 2

His Turn 3: He dooms Belial's squad and kills 4 terms, 1 wound on Belial. He shakes a speeder, kills 4 more terms in the left most squad with fire dragons (my storm shields failed here). Not a good turn for me. More things have difficult/dangerous terrain from night spinners.

My Turn 3: No real shooting. I kill 2 fire dragons in combat, but Belial dies in another assault.

End of Turn 3

His turn 4: He does some more shooting, and kills a few terms. He also deploys fire dragons and the prince to shoot my terminators in the top right quarter. He kills 1, but 3 survive. More things have difficult/dangerous terrain from night spinners.

My Turn 4: I make moves for objectives, as I think that is the objectives. Not much else happens. I'm kind of just moving and praying for saves to get me through.

End of Turn 4

His Turn 5: Not a ton happened. He shoots and kills a few terminators in the top right, then kills the the remaining one in assault. More things have difficult/dangerous terrain from night spinners.

My Turn 5: I turbo boost my speeder to contest the objective in the top right that he now controls. I move to secure the middle and right objective near me a little more. I get two Krak missile shots off at his fire dragon/Prince squad in the top right (i can't remember how I got him down to 1 fire dragon). Anyhow, he failed both of his saves and the Prince dies to instant death as does the fire dragon. 2 KPs right there.

End of Turn 5

Turn 6 and 7. Sadly, no pictures as time was short. However, the only difference between turn 5, 6, and 7 pictures is that we both lost a few more guys. Specifically, I lost 1 more from the middle terminator squad, leaving me with just 2.

For some reason, we played the whole game thinking Objectives was the secondary mission, but it was really table quarters. As we are adding the results up, we recognize this and have to adjust. We were tied on KP, with him having 6 and me having 5, but I had Objectives 3-2. So, as we realize Table Quarters is secondary, we have to add those up. At first, it looks like we are split on those 2-2, but my middle terminator squad is straddling the line, with 1 terminator in each quarter. Being troops, tournament rules say that the squad counts for full VPs for table quarter scenarios. Also, per rules, if a majority of the unit is not in one table quarter, randomize to see which quarter it ends up in. This means the last 2 hour 15 minute game is coming down to a 50/50 dice roll, as the terminator squad was worth more VPs then what he had in the quarter. So, 123 he wins, 456 I win. I roll my dice and it comes up smiley face, which are 6's on my dice. Great game, but a crappy way for it end.

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