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Monday, September 19, 2011

Ok, so, Archnomad is thinking about another army.

So, being bored of Space Wolves he's thinking of another army. Originally, it was gonna be Dark Eldar. But he's got something much more... fun... in mind. At the suggestion of Mike Brandt, I'm gonna run Draigowing. But I'm gonna run it well. ;)

How, you ask? Well, first off, I'm gonna run Karamazov. This is something I think everyone agrees on when you're running Draigowing (I mean, it's common fucking sense), because he brings 2 very important things to your army. One, he is another T5 body you can put in your Paladin squad, which means that units need to ping 3 wounds through before you have to put one on your Paladins. This is big. Why is this big? Well it means that you need to (usually) have 4 S8 shots to scare the unit. Second, and most importantly, he brings you the ability to automatically pass a LD test. That's huge. Means you can't be tank shocked/weaken resolve'd off the table. It rocks. He's also a relentless MM, and has a funny orbital strike.

Also, I'm bringing long range firepower, so people don't just kite me. So, this means our list is gonna look like the following:

Venerable Psyfledread
Techmarine w/Blind Grenades + Psychotroke Grenades
10 Paladins w/3 Hammers, 2 Psycannons, 2 Master Crafted Psycannons, Apothecary, Banner and Halberd.
1 Paladin with Hammer
3 Psyfledreads

Ok, so now guys, the real reason I put this thread up. I have decided how I'm going to paint this army (bone coloured, red secondary colour, metal and gold). However, I have not decided on how I'm gonna do ol' Uncle Karamazov. See, I hate finecast. Only had bad experiences with it. And a model that old and that big, it's gonna be a disaster. So, I need conversion ideas.



I promise progress shots as the army evolves.[=

***Not worth creating a second article about, but I've now had some test games with the army (proxied of course) and can talk a little bit about how it runs. Now, the main point of the article was to let you know you can expect some hobby posts from me in the future, and also to hopefully get the community adding some ideas in regards to Karamazov conversions, however, I'm gonna talk about how the army plays on the table here, if you're interested, because an awful lot of people doubt the Draigowing. So, barring one seal-clubbing experience (team game where 2 players just fed the deathstar), the games I've had with the army have been pretty good. So far I haven't played Table Quarters (we play NOVA format at our local) just Objectives (Sieze Ground + NOVA format) and Kill Points, but on Objectives what tends to happen is my techmarine will reinforce a home ruin if he can, inside which a scoring vendread will stand, usually close to/on the objective. Then, the paladins will go for the middle objective (even if it's not technically in the "middle", there is almost always a "middle" objective) whilst any other scoring dreads I have will go for ones nearer my table edge. Occasionally the lone paladin deep strikes down onto an objective to cap it (he's taken 2 so far!). So, let's get a little bit more specific.

My last game with Draigowing. Kill Points primary. Objectives Secondary. Table Quarters Tertiary. Spearhead deployment. I got first. I took a quarter with a nice ruin in it, and my Techmarine got busy with that. I was able to give my Vendread and a pair of Psyfles scoring status. Due to me getting first, I decided against scout as I didn't want to advance too readily into his army. My 3 Psyfledreads reserved and Solodin deep struck. I was up against a Nilla marine army with (from memory), Lysander, a Chaplain, 6 TH/SS Terminators, 3 units of tactical marines with Melta + MM in rhinos, a small Devastator unit, and a 10 man unit in a Drop pod with melta + MM, along with a Land Raider Crusader. Finally there was a small Devastator unit (can't remember what they had, they were out of LoS for all the turns in the game bar one). So, a quick blow by blow:

GK Turn One: I move Draigo and his 12 cronies up to the centre piece of terrain, so they have LoS to a pair of dreadnoughts, but nothing else can see them (psycannons peeking round a corner). They open up on a dread and explode it, and my Psyfle opens up on the other one, immobilizing it (this will become a theme) and stunning it.

Imperial Fist Turn One: Stuff moves up, the crusader moves round the central terrain piece to obtain LoS to the Paladins. The 10 man unit in the drop pod comes down on the objective on my board edge, that's not in my quarter. Otherwise the rhinos move up to the other side of the big bit of terrain in the middle (outwith 12" of my Paladins). The Crusader takes a few potshots at the Paladins, doing nothing.

GK Turn 2: A scoring dread and the non scoring one came on (with help from communion) and solodin came down (heedless of communion, he has yet to roll lower than a 5 for reserves). My deathstar shimmied around to the other side of the central terrain (avoiding mass melta fire from rhinos and a charge from the terminators), so that they could just see the raiders, and the rhinos would need to move >6" to get LoS to them. My dreads came on so they could get flank shots at the rhinos. Solodin deep struck down next to an objective and run 1", just inside area terrain. Opening up I exploded a rhino (pinning the unit!) and immobilized another (2). The Land Raider got immobilized and stunned. .

Imperial Fist Turn 2: The terminators decided not to waste time, and made for the central terrain piece, staying outwith 12", and within counter-assault range of the tactical squads. Generally, he shimmied out of LoS with as much stuff as possible. His combined shooting resulted in I think a wound or 2 on the paladins, generally not much happened though. The dreadnought tried to kill off the solodin on the objective (easy KP, right?) but did no wounds. The immobilized rhino repaired itself.

Grey Knight Turn 3: Well, my other dread came in. The paladins walked closer to the raider. My dreads shimmied a little. Then Karamazov blew up the land raider (within 12"). The psyfledreads opened up with the least effective barrage I ever did see. 2 of them managed to re-immobilize the rhino they could see (argh! I immobilized so much stuff this game), and blew off it's stormbolter. The other one blew up the drop pod (the squad that had come out of it was miles from anything).

In a foight, these Dark Elder' 'av bin known 't kick with ther' legs
Imperial Fist Turn 3, and the rest of the game: Here, he made a huge mistake. Basically, he commited. Moving up to unleash a firestorm on the paladins, and also what was meant to be a charge from the terminators didn't work out. Basically in my turn 4 my paladins mulched one squad of tactical marines and consolidated backwards, and in turn 5 his terminators had needed to get a 6 then a 6 on difficult terrain to get the assault on my terminators, which they didn't manage. Then I multiassaulted a rhino, 10 tactical marines and the terminator unit, and rolled the LD2 psychotroke grenade. That swung the game totally my way, and the game ended turn 5. Of course, we had to have Draigo and Lysander finish their duel, which I can proudly say my Draigo (also known as Mister Bendy Sword and Russel Crowe) won, with a wound left!

So basically, the army plays very cagily. Realistically it's not exactly bad in the firepower department (whatever the paladins open up on they will kill, and there's 4 psyfledreads), I'm just scared of armies with things like 3 manticores/demolishers etc. The army is very fun to play though, and turns take about 5 minutes!

----->>>>So anyway, back to something resembling relevance, if you could please leave suggestions for a Karamazov conversion in the comments, I will love you long time <3

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