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Thursday, September 29, 2011

SneakyDan's 1k Sons

So these guys have been a bit of a labour of love, and money (!!!) over the last 4 months. I did say when the GK codex came out that it would allow me to field, competitively, my favourite legion - Magnus the Red's Thousand Sons. I originally was going to convert every single grey knight that I'd bought, and then I stumbled upon some one off resin casts, that rarely come up on ebay - the following is a fusion of those parts, and GK kits, to give you the army that stands before you. I can only take credit for the construction - credit for the painting goes to my good friend Will Girdler, a local guy, and masterful painter.

I apologise in advance for the quality of the images - they were taken with my ancient camera, in my singlebulb lit room. I will get some decent photos taken this weekend, at the tournament, in decent lighting (I hope). This should be enough to whet your appetite anyways.

 Army Shot

Psyflemen dreadnoughts - Puppetswar Arms on Contemptor Bodies

 Magnus the Red (Counts as Grand Master)

 Paladin with Bro Banner

 Paladin with MC Halberd/Psycannon

 Paladin with MC Halberd

 Front view, same Pally

 Paladins Group Shot

 Psyback - I still have to glue the emblems on the side of these dudes

 Psyback Topdown

 Psyback Emblems

 Contemptor 1

 Contemptor 2

 Purgation Squad - g0t psycannons?

 Purg Squad again

 Strike Squad Justicar

 Strike Squad

 10 Man Strike Squad

 Strike Squad number 2!

PA Detail

So there you have it gents. Apologies again for the quality - one does ones best, with the tools at hand.

List is as follows, 1750 pts

Grand Master, MC Halberd, Rad and Blind Nades, 1 servo skull
5 Paladins, 2 Hammer, 2 MC Halberds, Bro Banner, 2 MC Psycannons

2 x 5 man GKSS, cannon/hammer, Psybolt Razorback
1 x 10 man GKSS, 2 cannons, hammer, Psybolt Ammow, Psybolt Razor

5 Man Purg Squad, Psybolt Razor, 4 psycannons
2 Psyfledreads

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